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How to monitor ACME-PACKET-SBC?

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What is Oracle Acme Packet SBC?

Acme Packet was a company providing well-known Session Border Controller (SBC) products (also called Net-Net family). It was acquired by Oracle in 2013.

The role of an Oracle SBC is to interconnect IP networks with voice, video and multimedia services across large, distributed, heterogeneous enterprise VoIP and Unified Communications platforms.

It allows you to control and secure media flow signalling in video-over-IP or VoIP networks as well as support all common protocols (SIP, H.323, MGCP/NCS, H.248, RTSP) in order to configure SIP trunks and other advanced VoIP security functionalities.

Oracle SBC monitoring

The ServicePilot Acme Packet SBC package collects Acme Packet SBC statistics.

The Acme Packet SBC package uses SNMP to query Acme Packet SBCs. The statistics gathered in this way include:

  • System state
  • Route statistics
  • Domain statistics
  • Network interface statistics

The Acme Packet SBC package will also configure the ServicePilot Agent to collect CDRs using FTP, either as a client or server. These details are used as the basis for call statistics and call quality statistics.

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