VoIP monitoring
with the MICROSOFT-LYNC-2013-EDGE package

ServicePilot voip-microsoft-lync-2013-edge

What is Microsoft Lync 2013 Edge Role ?

Typical Microsoft Lync 2013 VoIP environments often include a Microsoft Lync 2013 Edge Role.

It is necessary if you need external users who are not logged into your organizations internal network to be able to interact with internal users. This role would be vital if you want the services provided by Microsoft Lync 2013 Server to be used by people who are outside your internal network.

This role is vital for communicating with:

  • Remote Users
  • Federated Users
  • Mobile Users
  • Anonymous users

Users will be able to enjoy the services that are hosted by your Microsoft Lync 2013 Server deployment such as IM, presence, audio/video conferencing or web conferencing.

Microsoft Lync 2013 Edge Role monitoring

The ServicePilot Microsoft Lync 2013 Edge Role package collects Edge Role server or pool statistics.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent to collect statistics from Microsoft Lync 2013 Edge Role using WMI. The statistics gathered in this way include counters such as:

  • Active Relay Sessions
  • Authenticated
  • DataProxy Server Connections...