ServicePilot NBA for z/OS

Mainframe Application and Network Performance.

nba for zos ip summary
  • End-to-end network and application performance monitoring.
  • Real-time capture technology.
  • High level protocols decoding capabilities.
  • Intuitive dashboards and reports for a quick problem identification.
  • Full-feature trace tool, displaying live collected data packets.
  • Automated actions triggered on specific conditions.

Free Network Protocol Analyzer for z/OS

Today SNA networks are increasingly replaced by routed multi-protocol TCP/IP based networks. So network managers find themselves responsible for the integrity of all types of network traffic, where before they had been able to concentrate on a single protocol. To ease their job, ServicePilot has developed a software suite, called NBA for z/OS, which takes these evolutions into account.

  • NBA for z/OS allows for easy problem diagnosis, provides all essential data concerning mainframe availability and performance, thus allowing efficient z/OS monitoring.
  • NBA for z/OS is based on a real-time technology that collects all the data directly from the source. This technology allows users to be able to work at the datagram level as well as have end to end views of backbone activity.
  • NBA for z/OS is very easy to install, configure and use, and allows immediate universal access via browser interfaces.

nba for zos free


NBA for z/OS Free Edition captures all the IP traffic flowing through the IP dataspace. This traffic can be browsed, either as the trace is running, or once it has been archived.
NBA for z/OS Free Edition complies with RACF and supports multiple IP stacks.

NBA for z/OS Free Edition offers:

  • A real-time and easy-to-use IP tracing tool. A single click starts a trace on the mainframe
  • Trace data can be saved in sniffer or text format for analysis with third party tools
  • Trace filtering on IP address, port number and interface
  • User-friendly interface to display a meaningful presentation of the trace
  • 1 minute, 15 minutes or unlimited trace