Integración de la tecnología de Aplicación SERVICEPILOT-SEARCH

ServicePilot application-servicepilot-search

# ServicePilot Database Search


This package extracts ServicePilot Database data.


This package is designed to query the ServicePilot databases and extract up to 5 numerical indicators every minute. All of the ServicePilot data for the last month is available over which various statistical operations can be applied to produce numerical results. These results are then presented as indicators of an instance of the application-servicepilot-search package object.


  • ServicePilot Requirements

    • ServicePilot Manager minimum version: 8.5
    • ServicePilot Agent Minimum version 8.5: installed and configured


Before adding a resource to monitor, make certain that all pre-requisites are in place and if a ServicePilot Agent is required, that it is communicating correctly with the ServicePilot Manager.

Add resource using Views Configuration web interface

  1. As an administrative user of ServicePilot, open the ServicePilot web interface.
  2. Navigate to Administration. The Configuration > Views web page will open.
  3. Click on the view in which to place the new resource in the Views hierarchy on the left of the interface. The View editor section will show the existing view contents.
  4. From the Packages list on the right of the interface, click and drag the application-servicepilot-search package into the View editor and let go.
  5. The Resource properties dialog box will open to allow resource configuration.
  6. Click OK to close the Resource properties dialog box. Note that the dialog box will not close if required parameters are not set.
  7. Click Save to apply the new resource to ServicePilot configuration.

Key field notes

  1. In the Monitoring Policies tab, specify the policy or policies to apply to the resource

  2. Search 1 to 5 tabs:

    1. Source: Specify the ServicePilot database to query.
    2. Class: Specify the Class of ojbects over which the query will be performed. This will add the Class specified to the query.
    3. Query: Specify a Solr query string to filter the data returned (default: *).
    4. Statistic: Indicate which operator is to be applied to the records discovered by the query to produce a resulting value.
    5. Statistic field: Specify the field from the returned records over which the Statistic operator is to be applied.
    6. Percentile value: If the Statistic operator is set to Percentile then this field will contain the percentile (1 to 99) of the data to be presented. This has a smoothing effect on the values returned.
    7. Last n minutes: Perform the query over the last number of minutes set by this parameter (default: 1).

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