Continuous measurement of the Performance and Security of Information Systems

Cyberattack and monitoring software - best practices

Security considerations in the context of the use of open source software, in particular following the cyber attacks on monitoring software... [Read more]

Cyberattack and monitoring software - best practicesAll blogs

Intelligent observability to accompany the digital transformation

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Focus on IT availability, performance and security

Provide your management with a true service weather map based on real activity and performance indicators
Detect and fix problems before users are impacted
Analyze and fix performance problems on the long-term
Modify and improve applications by observing them in production

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SaaS Monitoring
  • No on-premise software setup, servicing and configuration complexity
  • Instant setup, complete and pre-configured to ensure robust monitoring
OnPremise Monitoring
  • Contracts and commitments over time ( > 1 year)
  • Performance, Data Storage and Infrastructure Management
  • 2 additional solutions: VoIP and Mainframe monitoring