Unified observability of applications, cloud and infrastructure

  • Automated discovery and mapping of application, cloud and infrastructure dependencies
  • Very fast resolution of the cause of incidents with AI and correlation
  • Advanced reporting, SLA, user satisfaction, unauthorized flows
  • Reduce APM software costs by 3, by 4, by 5 or more

Basic monitoring vs Observability

Basic monitoring allows the monitoring of known and static components - teams decide what to monitor but most monitoring tools are not compatible with complex native cloud applications and containerized environments.

The growth of observability over the past few years has been remarkable, and for good reason. In a constantly changing IT environment, where new technologies are being adopted at a rapid pace, it is increasingly difficult to ensure a reliable IT stack. Monitoring alone is no longer enough to get the full picture of the internal health of components across the entire IT stack. Observability provides a deeper insight into the IT environment, with the ability to detect and identify root causes, as well as the full impact of any failure across the entire infrastructure. Organizations are increasingly moving from basic monitoring to observability, resulting in greater visibility into the environment and reliability.

Dependencies refer to the relationship between different components of an application. This includes understanding the data flow between components, as well as any dependencies on external systems or services. A thorough understanding of these dependencies is essential for reliable and efficient operations. By tracking dependencies, teams can identify potential issues and ensure that the application is running smoothly.

At ServicePilot, we believe that it is better to analyze real applications and monitor dependencies rather than the other way around. This is called Top-Down monitoring. By analyzing real applications and their dependencies, we can automatically identify any problems that may arise, as well as potential performance issues. This can help us to proactively solve any problems, as well as improve the overall performance of the applications.

What are the differences with
other monitoring solutions?

ServicePilot takes hybrid infrastructure monitoring a step further with intelligent agents, metric and log collection
Competitive products are sufficient for simple check type needs. They are often very limited for automatic deployments and frequently require the intervention of professional services providers.
  • Rapid installation designed for very large Information Systems - networks, servers, storage and cloud
  • Correlation with network flow and application transaction analysis
  • Per-second diagnostics, log analysis and advanced reporting
ServicePilot goes one step further with in-depth analysis of every packet on every server
There are very few solutions that offer true real-time NPM analysis functionalities.
  • Network flow behavior on Windows, Linux, zOS or Netflow
  • Automatic mapping of relationships
  • Abnormal behavior analysis with PCAP capture
ServicePilot goes further by analyzing each application transaction
ServicePilot offers the same functionalities as the leaders of the APM market but integrated/correlated to the whole Information System monitoring.
  • Real application performance and user experience
  • Distributed Traces and profiling
  • Automatic instrumentation of popular languages
ServicePilot goes further with Infra-APM-NPM correlation
There are very few competing solutions capable of correlating Infra-APM-NPM in the same tool. The solutions are often made up of several products that do not work well together and make it difficult to quickly understand the cause of problems.
  • Cut incident resolution time by 5 or more
  • Machine Learning
  • Root Cause Analysis
ServicePilot Technologies has designed and developed all the main bricks of the software
Some of the competition has a completely outdated architecture. ServicePilot is able to handle 10-20 times more volume per VM than most competitors and in an extremely secure manner.
  • Based on the latest technologies
  • Exceptional performance
  • Secured by design including EV certificate signed binaries
The cost of the solution is very reasonable and the ROI very fast
Competitive low-end solutions sometimes appear to be free but are actually very expensive to install and maintain. The leaders in the APM market often charge exorbitant prices.
  • No or low cost of implementation
  • 3 to 5 times cheaper than APM leaders
  • Low commitment - SaaS subscription

Hundreds of discerning customers have chosen ServicePilot
to improve service availability

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Free installation in a few clicks

SaaS Monitoring
  • No on-premise software setup, servicing and configuration complexity
  • Instant setup, complete and pre-configured to ensure robust monitoring
OnPremise Monitoring
  • Contracts and commitments over time ( > 1 year)
  • Performance, Data Storage and Infrastructure Management
  • 2 additional solutions: VoIP and Mainframe monitoring