Intégration de la technologie Trace APPTRACE-QUERY

ServicePilot trace-apptrace-query

# AppTrace Query


This package monitors web services that have been instrumented to provide performance statistics to ServicePilot. Statistics can be presented either for the service or links between services.

Using this package you can build up a map of interacting web services displaying information in dashboards and reports.


ServicePilot can be sent web service performance statistics that are stored by the trace-apptrace package and these statistics can then be used by this package.

ServicePilot keeps track of each web service request and summarises this information by providing the following statistics per service and link between services:

  • Average web service request response time
  • Number of web service requests
  • Number of web service request errors

Using this package multiple times, you may build a map of web services that interact to provide you web application. This configuration can help you by:

  • Overview of application services
  • Tracing and visualising the details of application performance
  • Set alert thresholds per service or service link
  • ServicePilot eliminates the traditional separation between infrastructure and application performance monitoring. By adding both application and infrastructure resources, you can see the relationship between application code and the underlying infrastructure.

Example Configuration

- resource: "trace-apptrace-query;;;;;120;340;30;30;Service1;;;;;;;;;Service;;ServiceName1;;"- resource: "trace-apptrace-query;;;;;580;340;30;30;Service2;;;;;;;;;Service;;ServiceName2;;"- resource: "trace-apptrace-query;;;;line;140;350;460;0;Inter-Service Link;;;;;;;;;Link;;ServiceName1;;ServiceName2"


  • ServicePilot Requirements

    • ServicePilot Manager minimum version: 8.5


Before adding a resource to monitor, make certain that all pre-requisites are in place and if a ServicePilot Agent is required, that it is communicating correctly with the ServicePilot Manager.

Add resource using Views Configuration web interface

  1. As an administrative user of ServicePilot, open the ServicePilot web interface.
  2. Navigate to Administration. The Configuration > Views web page will open.
  3. Click on the view in which to place the new resource in the Views hierarchy on the left of the interface. The View editor section will show the existing view contents.
  4. From the Packages list on the right of the interface, click and drag the trace-apptrace-query package into the View editor and let go.
  5. The Resource properties dialog box will open to allow resource configuration.
  6. Click OK to close the Resource properties dialog box. Note that the dialog box will not close if required parameters are not set.
  7. Click Save to apply the new resource to ServicePilot configuration.


Object TypeLicense object ConsumedCondition
AppTrace Query1

Key field notes

  1. In the Policies tab, specify the policy or policies to apply to the resource

  2. Type tab: Specify whether to use this resource to monitor a service or a service link

  3. Monitoring Options tab:

    1. Service IP Address: Specify external IP Address of the Service node to monitor
    2. Service Name: Specify the service to monitor
    3. Service IP Address 2: Specify external IP Address of the destination Service node to monitor
    4. Service Name 2: Specify the destination service type to monitor


ServicePilot web services are already instrumented to produce this data. The ServicePilot web services performance data is available for:

  • sp-web
  • solr-query



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