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Monitor your databases

Databases are at the heart of the business. Their proper operation is vital for business continuity, user experience and commercial success. The monitoring provided by ServicePilot gives you full visibility of all your databases. End-to-end monitoring and advanced service level management allow you to handle complexity with ease.

Monitor your storage arrays

Availability of storage arrays and disks are essential. When all of the company's data is held in the arrays, they must be powerful and support hundreds of simultaneous queries. Monitoring should encompass all elements contributing to system availability, network connectivity, clustering of servers and applications, hardware redundancy, controller stability, and inter-array replication.

“End-to-end monitoring brings us the VISION and the UNDERSTANDING needed to REACT.


Only by understanding how your Data Center really work can you optimize them.


Your data center includes several database types (Oracle, MySQL, ...) and several SAN array providers (EMC, HP, ...). These suppliers frequently offer new models. A single monitoring solution simplifies operation.

Monitoring of all storage layers

End-to-end monitoring of the different layers of your storage solutions and their interactions with servers helps you diagnose and troubleshoot problems.

Resource auto discovery

Monitoring packages are available and adapted to your database models and your storage arrays. Resources are automatically discovered and complete your application views.

Key indicators

Feed dashboards and generate alerts on predefined thresholds triggers with the availability and performance key indicators collected every minute for your data center.

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