Teams and Microsoft 365 Monitoring

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Monitoring

Monitoring Performances for Teams and Microsoft 365

Harnessing the Power of Microsoft 365 Suite KPI Collection

Collect KPI to help you understand and analyze how different services in Microsoft 365, like Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Skype, are being used. These metrics and events serve as complete insights to better understand and analyze usage within the Microsoft 365 environment.

Let's imagine a global corporation where many teams across various locations use the Microsoft 365 suite. They can collect KPI to track usage patterns, uncover potential issues and optimize resource allocation.

  • The analysis of all this data for the Microsoft 365 Suite allows going further than just troubleshooting
  • It allows to better grasp performance problems across multiple locations and the impact on application user experience

Achieving Proactive User Experience with Robots Synthetic Transactions

We use synthetic transactions based on robots to proactively identify user issues. These bots simulate typical user activities and perform these tests at user locations. It offers valuable data into user experience for each site, whether office-based or remote.

Let's consider a remote workforce scenario. With this feature, you can simulate a remote worker's interactions with the Microsoft 365 suite. It allows identifying potential issues like slow loading times or connectivity errors before they become a problem.

  • With a proactive monitoring, user experience is improved, IT service tickets and downtime are reduced
  • As remote working is the norm, productivity must remain sustained and efficient
Achieving <span class='blue'>Proactive</span> User Experience with Robots Synthetic Transactions

Enhancing Collaboration with Advanced Troubleshooting and Monitoring

Get the full visibility needed to monitor a Microsoft 365 suite, including application KPI, real-time service status, alerts, error messages, network access, end users, and more. You can monitor all the components that could impact the performance of this environment such as email, call, video, conference, messaging, file sharing and intranets.

Let's imagine a company that heavily relies on Teams for communication and collaboration. With advanced monitoring, IT staff is alerted when issues occur like unstable video calls or slow file sharing speeds to ensure that the environment works well.

  • Having efficient troubleshooting and advanced monitoring help to maintain the reliability and performance of collaborative applications
  • This is important because it helps teams to be more productive, minimizes downtime and creates an efficient digital workspace
Enhancing <span class='blue'>Collaboration</span> with Advanced Troubleshooting and Monitoring

Teams Call Quality Analysis

In Teams Direct Routing architecture, calls are routed to SBC (Session Border Controllers) like Oracle's, you can monitor outbound calls quality and the routing of communications. This helps to analyze critical phone conversation metrics including MOS, jitter, and latency.

For instance, a customer support team that relies mainly on Teams calls to service clients would greatly benefit from our call quality analysis. Any disruptions or poor quality calls can be quickly identified and rectified to ensure smooth, high-quality communication with clients.

  • The analysis of call quality data can improve communication within your company and with external parties
  • As a result, it helps create positive experiences for customers, promotes collaboration and enhances your business's overall reputation
Teams Call <span class='blue'>Quality</span> Analysis

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions with Custom Visualizations and Alerting

Our custom widgets and alerts offers many benefits such as contextual maps, dashboards, reports and various data analysis. This allows a better correlation, problem-source identification and personalized alerts on top of Microsoft KPI.

Let's consider a multinational company that uses many Microsoft 365 components. By using our custom visualizations, the IT team can identify correlations between different metric types to quickly find the source of potential problems.

  • By customizing widgets and alerts, you get information that can be exploited to proactively solve problems
  • You to foster an effective, data-driven work environment
Empowering Data-Driven <span class='blue'>Decisions</span> with Custom Visualizations and Alerting

Enhancing Accountability with Service Level Monitoring

Our solution allows you to define and track internal and third-party SLA from vendors like ISP and service providers. Set global or specific internal performance goals for Microsoft Teams user experience, Microsoft 365 downtimes and synthetic transactions.

For example, an organization might have a SLA with their ISP insuring a certain uptime for Microsoft 365 services. With our service level monitoring, they can ensure the ISP meets its obligations and address any performance issues promptly.

  • With efficient service level monitoring, make sure that vendors respect their SLA
  • They must deliver reliable performance
Enhancing <span class='blue'>Accountability</span> with Service Level Monitoring

The deployment of the Microsoft 365 suite in the context of teleworking had made it essential to monitor these collaborative applications: we needed visibility ... and also to be able to optimize our licenses.

Visibility over Microsoft 365 applications with monitoring

Advanced Analysis and Reporting

We ensure a smooth operational workflow by providing extensive analysis of usage and KPI. It uses advanced technologies like automated PDF reporting and Machine Learning to provide valuable insights on how much capacity is needed.

Support for several Microsoft 365 Services

Our solution monitors all the key web services crucial to your business operations. We support a broad range of Microsoft 365 services, including Teams, Skype, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange and others.

Enhancing Oversight with Visibility and Activity

We offer full view into the Microsoft 365 suite including activity analysis and support with license management.

Proactive Problem-Solving and RCA

It can track performance in real-time and provide reports on past data to identify the root cause of problems before they impact productivity.

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