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Monitor Microsoft Windows servers

The performance of your Microsoft Windows servers has a direct impact on application availability, user experience and goals. ServicePilot analyzes in real time your server performance indicators and notifies you when a threshold is exceeded. You immediately see when reaching resource limits (process, memory, interface, ...) so you can quickly take action to avoid any impact on your business.

Monitor Linux servers

Server performance affects the application availability and can have a major impact on the end-user, business continuity and turnover. With ServicePilot, monitoring Linux servers gives you the visibility, flexibility and control you need to increase the performance and availability of your servers. By analyzing in real time the performance indicators, ServicePilot alerts you instantly see when reaching resource limits (process, memory overflow, interface, ...).

Monitor VMware virtualization

Virtualization has great advantages and more and more companies use it to optimize their resources but it involves new challenges by adding a monitoring level to the traditional physical environments. ServicePilot VMWare Server Monitoring is the solution for virtual environments to help you monitor important metrics and minimize the impact of performance issues on your business. Automated discovery of the virtualized infrastructure enables fast results and identification of a virtual machine problem in just one click.

Getting the server big picture fast and drilling down to transactions is understanding the performance of applications.


I want to be able to see an OVERVIEW of my servers and THE DETAIL of the virtualization to deliver the expected service.

Automatic discovery of resources and key indicators

Simply apply a monitoring package for your servers. All the resources will be automatically discovered and the indicator collection will start (CPU, Memory, Load, Disk, Network, I/O, top Process, …).

Server dynamic map

Install an agent on your server. Once activated it will be dynamically integrated in the geographical views of the monitoring solution without the intervention of the administrator.

Alerts and Dashboards

You will receive alerts via email, Syslog or SNMP traps when a threshold is exceeded. ServicePilot provides a wide range of standard dashboards allowing for the analysis of server performance.

The power of an end-to-end monitoring

You need to understand the service delivered to the users and localize the incidents. ServicePilot combines server, network and application monitoring to deliver an end-to-end vision.

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