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Monitor Avaya VoIP and UC

With its Aura solution, Avaya is at the cutting edge of technology in the UC and Call Center domain. The Aura communication infrastructure requires the deployment of many interdependent elements. A monitoring solution adapted to this environment allows quicker location of the cause of the call degradations. What's New: ServicePilot is Aura v7 compatible. A new feature allows the analysis of the volume of seconds with a bad MOS during a call.

Monitor Cisco communications

Cisco is one of the leaders in unified communications and collaboration solutions. Their solutions are deployed in many companies. Implementing a monitoring solution allows you to reduce risk and locate incidents more quickly. New: ServicePilot monitors MCU telepresence solutions.

Analyze Skype for Business calls

Skype for Business plays an increasingly important role in business because it provides seamless communication and collaboration by combining voice, video and instant messaging. This multi-role solution requires the deployment of a varied collection of servers. A monitoring solution adapted to Microsoft environments and other network infrastructures allows you to maintain the expected level of availability and performance.

Monitor Oracle SBC EBC

SIP communications are growing and Oracle SBCs allow companies to connect different SIP operators with the security, reliability and interoperability expected. The SIP architecture integrates many interrelated elements. A monitoring solution that maps all equipment locates the cause of a call degradation and identifies the faulty operator. ServicePilot easily manages this complexity by combining all of Oracle's SBC and EBC performance indicators in order to identify degradations of Voice and route quality of the SIP provider. You will then be able to identify the problem quickly and take the necessary decisions before the business is impacted.

Monitor your call center

In the highly competitive Contact Center market, controlling your costs, maximizing your resources and maintaining quality of service is vital. Call center is a demanding environment, in continuous movement where availability and performance are essential. ServicePilot Contact Center monitoring is a state-of-the-art solution. It provides you with a complete overview of the Unified Communications and VoIP infrastructure as well as the critical performance statistics of the Contact Center, helping you to do more with less.

Monitoring other VoIP vendors

In today's rapidly evolving world of business, mergers and acquisitions lead to hybrid platforms. It may not be simple or desirable to standardize on a single VoIP solution, which is why interoperability, security and reliability between solutions are vital. ServicePilot offers you an end-to-end visibility of your entire system, gathering all its indicators in user-friendly dashboards for fast, efficient detection and resolution of problems.

Presenting VoIP and infrastructure on the same map: it's much simpler to locate production problems.


The IT manager requires an ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION for all its environments.

Multivendors VoIP discovery

Simplify your operation with a multivendor monitoring solution. Your Unified Communications solution can include several vendors (Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft ...) and/or be in a period of technological transition.

Monitor of all your Voice, Video & UC solutions

Keep your hands on your unified communications environment. All resources are automatically discovered with an inventory of phones, gateways, video bridges, licenses, ...

Call quality analysis

Understand the service delivered by dynamic analysis of the volume and quality of global communications, by site and user. The flexibility of reporting helps you communicate on your goals.

The power of all-in-one monitoring

Correlate server, network, and application performance indicators with zone-based call quality to quickly identify the cause of incidents and locate them.

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