About ServicePilot Technologies ®

We're on a mission to simplify IT monitoring so organizations and their teams can easily grasp end-to-end IT performance and security for IT services and infrastructures.

Our goal

ServicePilot has a simple objective, to provide an accurate view of the IT and applications: security, availability and performance. Teams have a difficult problem, maintaining applications in perfect working order in a high-performance and secure way. This is not an easy task in this world of agile development, frequent changes, rapid evolution and ever-increasing complexity of information systems architecture.

Since their introduction, a lot has changed in IT: Cloud computing has become the new standard, mobile devices have become more powerful, the Internet of Things is growing more and more, and micro-services and containers are changing the way applications are built. These changes are leading to new needs, and old tools will find it hard to adapt and will be insufficient.

A new generation of monitoring tools has become necessary. However, the infrastructure, the network and the storage should not be neglected because applications would not work without them. So it has become necessary to unify and correlate information from all the key elements of the IT, while avoiding a multiplication of tools. It is very complex, if not impossible, to quickly diagnose an urgent problem with 2 or 3 different tools.

Our technological vision

Support for tens of thousands of devices, automatic discovery, real-time data, no configuration, dynamic traces, incident prediction and understanding of new technologies, requires us to innovate in all aspects of our solution. Every layer of our product: our agent technology, our collection technology, our APM tracing technology, our network trace technology, our data storage technology, our learning technology, and finally our GUI technology uses state-of-the-art techniques.

ServicePilot takes IT monitoring to a new generation by simply helping teams to understand exactly what is happening in a timely manner.

Our customers

We have over 200 customers primarily based in Europe and some large accounts based in the US. Our customers are mostly large enterprises, governments and MSPs with complex and very secure IT. We meet demanding needs in terms of functionality and technological advancements, to position ourselves in the high-end monitoring market.