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Technological, organizational or cultural environments have evolved with the rise of micro services, containerized applications, different programming languages and dependencies. Despite changes in language, framework or application topology, the network layer remains the fundamental layer towards which applications converge, regardless of the complexity and heterogeneity of the application stack, hence our AppFlow solution. Automatically understand and discover apps on your server, detailed activity statistics by application and top 3 per minute flows by supervised application.

Trace Java and DotNet applications

Traces of. NET or Java applications without affecting the application code are essential to grasp a detailed visibility regarding the performance of the service provided to an application users. The visualization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as error rates, latencies on response times, details of SQL or Web queries, or in-depth end-to-end analysis of transactions allows early detection of errors and sources of potential incidents. This solution aims to reduce the impact of performance degradation causes of the application service and to improve the digital experience for users.

Monitor your distributed services

Today's modern Internet services are often implemented through complex architectures and huge distributed systems. This type of application is often the result of a coordination between several development teams, perhaps with several programming languages, on tens or hundreds of machines, on different sites, hence the need to have a tool allowing global application monitoring, system and infrastructure correlation, and a detailed view of the code related problems and queries thanks to the instrumentation of application traces.

Analyze Web HTTP transactions

More than 80% of applications must be accessible via the Web and quality of service must be optimal from anywhere. Companies are daily confronted with this situation and the real-time monitoring of the performance of Web applications makes it possible to react quickly and to prevent a critical situation from deteriorating and leading to a loss of activity.

Monitor and analyze Netflow trafic

It is essential to understand who does what and when in your network infrastructure to align bandwidth requirements with applications. By enabling the NetFlow protocol on Cisco routers and switches, these devices send IP-level 3 and 4 (IP addresses, TCP/UDP ports) information. ServicePilot collects this Netflow protocol network information to create protocol dispatch and flow matrix reports and to understand the use of network resources in detail. With ServicePilot, network flow analysis is simple and allows you to size your infrastructure by just analyzing a few dashboards.

Trace IBM z/OS Mainframe flows

ServicePilot NBA for z/OS is an easy-to-use and deploy product that provides a comprehensive view of all IP traffic. It provides end-to-end network and application performance monitoring in real-time for the z/OS environment. NBA for z/OS captures traffic flows, analyzes and alerts on abnormal network behavior, such as bad application response time, bandwidth consumption. This innovative tool uses Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology. Network and host metrics are collected in detail to expedite problem identification and resolution while minimizing the risk of potential system outages. It correlates and consolidates complex transactions into intuitive reports with the ability to drill down into detailed statistics.

Collecting Netflow flows produces a network map of applications: this helps making the right decisions.


WHO uses the bandwidth? Access to our remote sites is all too often SATURATED.

Real-time flow collection

Use the Netflow, jflow, ... collector or directly collect network interface flows from your servers and mainframes. Network flow analysis gives you visibility of the behavior and the performance of your applications.

End-to-end application analysis

Analyze application flows using the technologies embedded in switches and routers to help classify applications and understand activity between users and servers.

Identification of critical transactions

Identify at a glance the web page loading time indicators, errors and slow transactions for all your HTTP Web applications to fully understand service degradations.

The power of an end-to-end monitoring solution

Add the monitoring of servers and networks with applications to get the end-to-end vision you need to understand the service delivered to users and to locate incidents.

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