Monitoring of user stations - Endpoint Monitoring

Monitoring of user experience on Windows workstations

Automatic discovery of Windows Endpoints

Discover very quickly all your computer equipment. Collect all the KPIS of your Windows Endpoints in order to get the precious information you need to manage your IT and improve the performance of your employees' work tools.

Automatic discovery of Windows Endpoints

Analysis of workstation KPIs

A company's workstations generate large amounts of simple or complex data that is difficult to interpret. Analyze availability and performance indicators with dashboards to anticipate performance degradations of desktops and laptops. Monitoring the activity also helps to reduce energy costs.

Analysis of workstation KPIs

Automated network diagnosis

If the response time for accessing web pages is slow, even in the case of a SaaS application, you can automate the network diagnosis with an elaborate and automatic traceroute to check whether the problem with the use of the web service comes from the network.

Automated network diagnosis

Alerting rules and Machine Learning

Define your rules for alerts with more or less complex conditions to go beyond the default thresholds defined in ServicePilot. Different Machine Learning algorithms are built in by default to identify anomalies within your endpoint fleet.

Alerting rules and Machine Learning

In our trading room, we receive events from thousands of servers. ServicePilot helps us to quickly detect problems.

Endpoint Monitoring with ServicePilot

Windows Monitoring

Detailed monitoring of all your computer equipment under Windows 10 and other versions

Automatic discovery

Automatic discovery and monitoring for all your Endpoints

Alerting andt Analysis

Alerting rules and anomaly analysis interfaces with Machine Learning


Standard and fully customizable dashboards to visualize what you need

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