Application Observability with Monitoring Intelligence

ServicePilot's observability brings clarity and control to your application monitoring, ensuring peak performance and operational excellence.

Universal Application Automatic Discovery

Simplify your IT operations with our monitoring agent. It automatically discovers and monitors your servers including Windows, Linux, IBM z/OS and their related applications.

ServicePilot’s cutting-edge flow technology empowers IT teams with universal application auto-discovery and monitoring. This feature automatically detects and monitors all your applications, providing an immediate, comprehensive view of your application landscape without the need for manual setup or complex configurations.

  • Effortless Discovery: Instantly identify and monitor new and existing applications across your network
  • Comprehensive Visibility: Gain a holistic view of all your applications' performance metrics and status
<span class='blue'>Universal</span> Application Automatic <span class='blue'>Discovery</span>

Application Tracing with Metrics, Traces & Logs

ServicePilot is compatible with OpenTelemetry and other tracing libraries. It improves your visibility on how Java, .NET, Python, Go and other applications serve their users. It shows key performance indicators such as error rates, response time latencies, SQL query details and more.

ServicePilot offers advanced observability application features, in line with OpenTelemetry standards to facilitate existing instrumentations. These insights are crucial to diagnose issues, optimize performance, and ensure reliability at scale.

  • In-depth Tracing: Detailed error and performance data for efficient problem resolution and optimization
  • Standardized Metrics: Leverage OpenTelemetry for consistent, reliable metric collection and analysis
Application Tracing with <span class='blue'>Metrics, Traces & Logs</span>

Standard Services Performance Monitoring

ServicePilot helps you find problems that could slow down your applications by keeping an eye on dependencies that supports them. It includes all the key resources such as databases, web servers, proxys, gateways and more.

Extending monitoring to key application components like IIS, Apache, Oracle MySQL MSSQL PostgreSQL databases, to name just a few built-in packages provides a comprehensive approach. It ensures that every aspect of your application's ecosystem is under constant surveillance, maintaining optimal performance and quickly identifying areas of concern.

  • Diverse Component Coverage: Monitor a wide range of application components efficiently
  • Real-Time Performance Insights: Stay informed about the health and performance of essential services
<span class='blue'>Standard Services</span> Performance Monitoring

Synthetic Monitoring Tests to Ensure Availability

ServicePilot provides a comprehensive view of all your applications synthetic monitoring tests. Availability and performance metrics from all test locations, and any relevant associated data. Quickly identify the root cause of problems and prevent from service degradation.

To guarantee application availability and performance, ServicePilot provides synthetic monitoring tests for web, TCP, SMTP, API, and many more services. These tests simulate interactions, proactively detecting issues and ensuring that your applications remain available and responsive at all times.

  • Proactive Problem Detection: Identify potential issues before they impact users
  • Versatile Testing Options: Wide range of synthetic tests for comprehensive application monitoring
Synthetic Monitoring Tests to <span class='blue'>Ensure Availability</span>

End-to-End Visibility with IT Infrastructure and More

Integrate ServicePilot with your technologies to intelligently monitor services running regardless of chosen architectures. Our packages can automatically discover the resources in your public, hybrid and private environments.

Embrace full-spectrum observability with ServicePilot, covering everything from infrastructure monitoring (including Kubernetes, Docker, and cloud services) to log management. This extensive visibility ensures that you have all the data and insights needed to maintain and optimize your IT services ecosystem.

  • Holistic Infrastructure Monitoring: Keep track of your entire IT infrastructure in one place
  • Integrated Log Analysis: Correlate log data with performance metrics for deeper insights and faster issue resolution
<span class='blue'>End-to-End Visibility</span> with IT Infrastructure and More
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SaaS Plateform

Flexible deployment according to your needs (SaaS, hybrid, on-premise) to speed up supervision implementation.
  • No on-premise software setup, servicing and configuration complexity
  • Instant setup, complete and pre-configured to ensure robust monitoring

OnPremise Plateform

Flexible deployment according to your needs (SaaS, hybrid, on-premise) to speed up supervision implementation.
  • Contracts and commitments over time ( > 1 year)
  • Performance, Data Storage and Infrastructure Management
  • 2 additional solutions: VoIP and Mainframe monitoring