Advanced Alerts and IT Notification Center

Leverage the power of AI with ServicePilot to minimize incident resolution time and efficiently fuel your alerting system.

Slash alert frequency by fivefold or more

Harness the power of Machine Learning to automatically identify abnormal service availability or performance levels. With ServicePilot, you can quickly diagnose the root causes of your IT degradations with fewer, but more targeted alerts, focusing on high-level incidents and reducing the need for human intervention.

This adaptive approach to alerting and monitoring provides a range of alerting options - from basic threshold alerts to sophisticated machine learning algorithms for outlier detection, customizing your monitoring setup to fit your unique requirements.

ServicePilot ensures faster and more efficient detection of service degradations, thereby saving valuable time and resources while ensuring peak service levels. The comprehensive data collection from each monitored resource (including indicators, logs, events, service levels, history, and more) enables an in-depth analysis of IT component behaviors to optimize alert relevance.

Static thresholds: The perfect solution for basic metrics

ServicePilot provides innovative approaches to improve static thresholds, presenting an optimal solution for monitoring straightforward metrics. These metrics, such as disk space, are fundamental in maintaining effective functioning of your web servers.

But ServicePilot takes it a step further, it empowers users to create alarms with basic thresholds but based on diverse data, including logs, event count, keywords, and more, thereby ensuring an extensive alerting system for relatively linear metrics.

The simplicity of static thresholds doesn't compromise on their importance. They provide an excellent basis for monitoring, especially when the data being tracked does not exhibit high variability. With these static thresholds, you can easily manage basic alerting needs and ensure that essential metrics don't go unnoticed.

Conditional thresholds for more complex problems

Conditional thresholds for more complex problemsIn the realm of complex issues, such as dynamic server memory or network errors, ServicePilot offers conditional thresholds. These thresholds play a vital role in reducing false positives on metrics that are dynamic and interdependent.

By integrating several simple metrics and alerts into a unique conditional alert, you can verify the relevance of the alert, thereby reducing alert fatigue. Conditional alerts add another layer of sophistication to your alerting system. They allow alerts to be triggered based on the interaction of multiple conditions, providing a more nuanced approach to alerting than static thresholds.

With conditional thresholds, your notification center becomes equipped to handle complex situations, ensuring that you receive only the alerts that truly matter, even in the middle of the night.

Automatic Thresholds Leveraging Machine Learning

Automatic Thresholds Leveraging Machine LearningServicePilot's Machine Learning engine performs a multitude of analyses on each monitored resource. This capability enables the setting up of fully automatic thresholds rooted in Machine Learning algorithms, producing critical alerts for tracking activities, transactions, or detecting abnormal events in real time.

But it's not just about alerting; the automatic thresholds also learn and adapt over time, better understanding the usual performance patterns of your IT infrastructure. This understanding allows the system to distinguish between normal fluctuations and genuine problems, significantly improving the accuracy and usefulness of the alerts you receive.

With this feature, you can focus your energy and resources on addressing real issues rather than sifting through a myriad of false alarms.

Intelligent Alerting Mechanisms at Your Disposal

Intelligent Alerting Mechanisms at Your DisposalServicePilot offers a diverse range of alerting options, including static thresholds, conditional thresholds, and Machine Learning-based alerts. These options allow for a wide variety of configurations, enabling you to create an alerting system that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements.

With ServicePilot, you have the freedom to adjust various parameters such as alert conditions, timing, delays, notification actions, and variables. This level of customization ensures that you stay ahead of your monitoring alerts, whether you're in your office or on the go.

This comprehensive approach not only keeps you informed in real-time but also gives you the power to decide what you're informed about, when, and how. With our intelligent alerting mechanisms, never miss a crucial notification, and always stay on top of your IT operations.

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