RUM - Real User Monitoring for web applications

Performance analysis and monitoring of real user experience

Response time and slow page monitoring

Monitor user response times on every page visited to be proactive in detecting slow traffic on your web application. This allows you to be aware of performance incidents at any time and to intervene very quickly when a user or a group of visitors encounters recurring slowness.

Response time and slow page monitoring

Real user experience analysis

Collect all data essential to the proper diagnosis of page slowness and correlate these metrics with the user's conditions (geography, endpoint, web browser...). Eliminate false positives and update your filtering or alerting rules so that you are notified only when it matters to your team.

Real user experience analysis

Full end-to-end application monitoring

Fully monitor your website or web application: web server, logs, database, networks, APIs, external web services, TCP applications... ServicePilot is a complete tool for monitoring the availability and performance of all your applications. Correlation and Machine Learning interfaces with graphical wizards are available as standard for each data source collected.

Full end-to-end application monitoring

We were looking for a powerful tool, covering all of our server and application monitoring. A tool that could scale with us and that was reasonably priced.

Real User Monitoring with ServicePilot

Response Time

Response time and error Monitoring of all your applications and websites

Real Users

Go beyond synthetic monitoring and robots to analyze real users

Complete web monitoring

End-to-end monitoring of your web environment: database, web server, logs...

Light and simple script

Using a simple and lightweight piece of Javascript, monitor all the users of your website

Other Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions

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