Mainframe performance monitoring

Monitoring and application traces for IBM z/OS

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Application performance analytics

  • Powerful traffic analysis of applications and users flows with diagnostics, statistics and errors for each connection.
  • To determine the typical behavior of an application and its network
  • To highlight problems and automatically notify the IT team
  • Application performance analytics

    Network performance monitoring

  • To provide a full visibility on the TCP/IP activity of the network
  • To simplify the process of dispatching the network performance problems and integrity issues by presenting information with sensitive content
  • To decode high level protocols including HTTP, SMTP, FTP, Telnet, Enterprise Extender (EE), XOT and MQSeries
  • To provide individual socket details and packet data
  • To help optimizing the resource utilization and reduce conflicts
  • Network performance monitoring

    IP Trace and Stack Activity

  • To collect and provide packet data for a real time display
  • For packet formatting, it is not necessary to stop the trace or wait
  • The data of each trace is automatically saved in order to re-execute, analyze and visualize it in several intuitive reports
  • IP Trace and Stack Activity

    NBA for z/OS administration and configuration

  • The statistics are generated using real time technology from collections of all the data going through the IP stack
  • This passive probe technology allows users to work at the datagram level and to have an end-to-end view of core network activity.
  • The Web interface is intuitive, navigation is easy, and provides a consolidated view of multiple ServicePilot NBA for z/OS probes.
  • The source code is 100% written in assembler, which guarantees optimal performance at a low cost.
  • NBA for z/OS administration and configuration

    We take a close look at the performance of our applications: to acquire a real vision of the quality of service, to better understand, and to have a historical statistical record

    ServicePilot Mainframe performance monitoring

    Intuitive and user friendly

    "Top-down" dashboards give you an overall view at a glance, the detail being accessible in one click. ServicePilot NBA for z/OS is easy to use and does not require any training.

    Total visibility

    End-to-end and real time monitoring of the system performance and applications of the z/OS environment.

    TCP/IP activity

    ServicePilot NBA for z/OS captures the traffic flow, analyzes and alerts on abnormal network behavior like bad response time of an application or a bandwidth issue.

    Reports and alerts

    They are available as standard. Complete customization allows you to adapt the solution to your work environment.

    Application trace APM integration

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