Standard Application Monitoring

Efficient IT Services with standard Application Monitoring

Ensuring Seamless Performances with Application Server Monitoring

Communication and Email Server Monitoring

Email servers are at the heart of any business' communication network, and their consistent performance is paramount. With ServicePilot, you can achieve a comprehensive monitoring of email servers, tracking SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols to ascertain server availability around the clock.

Imagine an eCommerce business during peak sales season: if email servers falter, communication with customers, between teams, and with suppliers could all be disrupted, resulting in lost sales and reputational damage. With ServicePilot's email server monitoring, potential issues are detected and resolved before they impact operations.

  • By ensuring consistent email server performance, your organization benefits from uninterrupted communication, allowing smooth collaboration, swift customer responses, and efficient vendor communication
  • This drives organizational productivity and fosters a reliable brand image
Communication and Email Server <span class='blue'>Monitoring</span>

Security and Compliance with Active Directory Server Monitoring

Active Directory (AD) servers are central to the security and operational efficiency of your IT infrastructure. ServicePilot's monitoring and analytics tools offer comprehensive insights into AD server performance, from user changes to connection attempts, facilitating thorough security compliance audits.

Consider an enterprise with a large workforce, where employees often need access to different resources and applications. With ServicePilot's AD monitoring, you can track any unauthorized access attempts or unusual user changes, ensuring any potential security threats are promptly detected and mitigated.

  • Enhanced security and compliance are the chief benefits of robust AD server monitoring
  • Not only does it protect sensitive data, but it also helps maintain a secure, efficient, and compliant IT environment that meets regulatory requirements and boosts overall business integrity
Security and <span class='blue'>Compliance</span> with Active Directory Server Monitoring

Reliable Network Operations with DHCP and DNS Services Monitoring

Device connectivity is crucial for the smooth operation of any business network. ServicePilot's monitoring tools ensure devices can successfully obtain a DHCP lease on your network and that name resolution with DNS servers is operational, ensuring seamless network operations.

Take, for instance, a large IT company with hundreds of devices connecting to the network every day. If the DHCP lease process fails or DNS servers malfunction, the result could be network downtime and lost productivity. With ServicePilot's DNS and DHCP services analysis, such issues can be preempted and resolved swiftly.

  • This level of monitoring brings significant benefits: minimized network downtime, boosted productivity, and enhanced operational efficiency
  • With a reliable network, your organization can function at its optimal capacity, supporting business growth and success
<span class='blue'>Reliable</span> Network Operations with DHCP and DNS Services Monitoring

We installed the ServicePilot agent on our servers and the monitoring of all our office applications started immediately.

Directory, DNS, DHCP and more: Simplifying Application Monitoring

Ready-to-Use and Effective

ServicePilot's monitoring solutions empower you to better monitor and diagnose your standard applications within minutes, streamlining operations like never before.

Flexible and Comprehensive

Our platform supports monitoring of Windows, Linux, and virtual servers, as well as your applications via SNMP, WMI, or agent deployments, offering a flexible and holistic monitoring solution.

Detailed Insights and Global View

With intuitive dashboards, you can obtain a quick overview of your office applications while also zooming in. You can easily understand specific performance issues associated with the operating system, disks, memory, network interface, and application processes.

Guaranteed Precision

ServicePilot guarantees detailed insights into performance issues, you can quickly zoom in to the problems associated with the operating system, disks, memory, network interface and application processes.

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SaaS Plateform

Flexible deployment according to your needs (SaaS, hybrid, on-premise) to speed up supervision implementation.
  • No on-premise software setup, servicing and configuration complexity
  • Instant setup, complete and pre-configured to ensure robust monitoring

OnPremise Plateform

Flexible deployment according to your needs (SaaS, hybrid, on-premise) to speed up supervision implementation.
  • Contracts and commitments over time ( > 1 year)
  • Performance, Data Storage and Infrastructure Management
  • 2 additional solutions: VoIP and Mainframe monitoring