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Devices and applications generate large amounts of events in multiple formats and can quickly overwhelm you without the ability to retrieve the information you need. Yet the analysis of these logs brings to light the vital information required for identifying IT production and security problems. ServicePilot collects, indexes, stores and analyzes this information to generate specific graphs, reports and alerts.

Monitor your IT Security

Everything that is done in the business is traced in various event logs. Security started to become aware of it. Indeed, logs contain relevant information on the activity of the company and are indispensable to control the security of the IT infrastructure but their volume makes them difficult to interpret and makes it hard to find relevant information and security breaches. ServicePilot helps you with making sense of all this data by collecting, indexing and analyzing it continuously.

Using a NoSQL database: providing the power and flexibility of a Big Data solution.


With the digital transformation, the volume of LOGS is increasing and their analysis is VITAL for the company.

Centralization of log sources

All your equipment and applications generate formatted or unformatted logs, syslogs, traps. Centralizing this information will help you find events from different sources and understand their relationships.

Indexing in a NoSQL database and Big Data Analysis

After log collection and indexing in a NoSQL database, multi-criteria search is simplified and correlates the information according to the time, type of event or application.

Identification of security failures

Anticipate your security problems by personalizing the Queries and Widgets to trace, correlate and alert potential security failures of the IT infrastructure.

The power of an all-in-one solution

Correlate server, network, and application performance indicators with logs, syslogs, and traps to quickly identify and resolve the cause of incidents.

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