APM OpenTelemetry Tracing

Monitoring Application Performance with OpenTelemetry Tracing

Modern APM with OpenTelemetry compatible Tracing

Tracing for a Variety of Programming Languages

ServicePilot helps you understand complex application architectures with detailed instrumentation and tracing across a wide spectrum of programming languages including Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, and C++. Our solution lets you closely examine how your application performs. It analyzes each process's execution time so you can find bottleneck faster and easier.

For example, imagine running a multi-tier e-commerce website built on a microservices architecture using Java and .NET. The application tracing feature enables you to see the execution time of each process in these languages. It helps you pinpoint issues swiftly and maintain a good app performance.

  • You can quickly find and fix issues to enhance the reliability of your applications
  • The users will be satisfied and your business performance will improve

Real-time Automatic Mapping for Visual Insights

Our monitoring tool is compatible with OpenTelemetry and automates the integration of traces from several languages in a real-time map. See your application's performance by checking the execution time of each process to quickly identify latency issues right down to the request level.

Consider a digital marketing agency managing multiple client websites developed in Node.js and Python. ServicePilot aids in spotting latency issues in each client web app with the automatic real-time maps. It ensures a better user experience across all client projects.

  • This real-time visibility allows you to react promptly to latency issues
  • You can then maintain a smooth user experience and ensure your application's high performance
Real-time <span class='blue'>Automatic</span> Mapping for Visual Insights

Advanced Dashboards for In-depth Application Tracing

With our advanced dashboards you can drill into your applications to analyze latency distribution or error rate per service. Our intuitive query and filtering features help you refine your visualization further to focus only on the queries you want to observe.

You have an online streaming platform developed using Go and PHP. Our dashboards allow you to dissect the latency distribution or error rate for each service in real-time. It helps you to optimize your streaming performance and guarantee a smooth viewing experience for your users.

  • ServicePilot has advanced dashboards for application tracing to help diagnosing issues faster
  • Proactive app trace monitoring improves performance to make your platform more reliable and user-friendly
<span class='blue'>Advanced</span> Dashboards for In-depth Application Tracing

Identifying and Optimizing Slow Application Transactions

Use our dashboards to identify application transactions with high response times. By analyzing APM traces in real-time with the Live mode feature, you can optimize the distribution of application requests. It ensures smoother operations and enhanced efficiency.

Imagine a sitation where an e-commerce platform's check-out process is slowing down during peak hours. Identify this bottleneck by tracing the specific transaction causing the delay, perhaps a credit card check process. Once the issue is found you can optimise this process either by allocation more resources to the server or by changing the way the process flow is designed.

  • By identifying slow transactions in real-time, you can quickly address any potential problems before they have a big impact on your users
  • This gives better user satisfaction, reduces service interruptions and boosts your business
Identifying and <span class='blue'>Optimizing</span> Slow Application Transactions

Comprehensive Solution for Application Performance Monitoring

ServicePilot helps tracing and monitoring the performance of applications. It has a variety of features like live mapping, dynamic dashboards, custom visualizations, and intelligent alerting. It can also generate automatic PDF reports. Machine Learning is used to make decisions based on advanced data.

Consider a large company with many apps running across different departments. The IT team can monitor the performance of all these applications from a single interface, visualize real-time data on dashboards, and receive instant alerts when thresholds are breached. With Machine Learning, the team can find patterns and trends that would go unnoticed, such as seasonal traffic spikes or reoccurring system bottlenecks.

  • ServicePilot helps you get visibility, monitors and understands how well your application is working. It gives you a detailed view of your application's performance, which makes it easier for you to handle any issues that come up and make improvements.
  • It uses automated insights and alerts to help you solve problems before they become big issues, which helps prevent downtime and keeps your application running smoothly. This leads to better application service quality and happier customers.
<span class='blue'>Comprehensive</span> Solution for Application Performance Monitoring

Automatic Tracing for In-depth Transaction Insights

Smart Alerts for Proactive Response

Compatible with OpenTelemetry, we deliver smart alerts and notifications based on APM indicators such as latency or errors.

Multi-platform Performance Optimization

Optimize your applications performances with any chosen programming language: Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Go, and C++.

Live and Historical Performance Analysis

Analyze the availability and performance of your web application. Both real-time and past data will help you understand how your application is performing to improve it.

Custom Visualization for Key APM Data

Our visualization options help you easily understand how well your application is performing. This helps you make decisions based on custom data to improve your application's performance.

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Flexible deployment according to your needs (SaaS, hybrid, on-premise) to speed up supervision implementation.
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OnPremise Plateform

Flexible deployment according to your needs (SaaS, hybrid, on-premise) to speed up supervision implementation.
  • Contracts and commitments over time ( > 1 year)
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  • 2 additional solutions: VoIP and Mainframe monitoring