Automated APM and IBM z/OS mainframe monitoring

Automated <span class='blue'>APM</span> and IBM z/OS mainframe monitoring

3 game-changing APM features for IBM z/OS Mainframe monitoring

The IBM z/OS Mainframe, an integral component of various organizations' IT infrastructure for decades, has had to adapt and evolve with emerging technology trends.

For example, a large bank might rely on these systems for complex tasks like real-time transaction processing or batch processing for end-of-day reports. But they might also use mainframe application data for its mobile application or another application relying on a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

With the shifting demands placed on these systems, the ServicePilot APM z/OS Mainframe Solution steps in to assist IT teams in managing these complex hybrid systems.

ServicePilot Mainframe monitoring is a revolutionary Application Performance Management (APM) solution, transforming the approach to IBM z/OS performance management. Here, we highlight 3 key features of NBA for z/OS technology integrated seamlessly with ServicePilot's software.

Automated discovery of services and dependencies

Managing a large IBM z/OS Mainframe environment, such as one at an insurance company dealing with numerous policies and claims, poses a significant challenge. Tracking all dependencies, tasks, job names, and active processes can be quite daunting.

With ServicePilot IBM Z Mainframe monitoring, this problem is resolved. The tool excels at automatic discovery and monitoring.

For instance, it can identify all active processes on the Mainframe, including dependencies between several mainframes or external resources like Windows or Linux servers. This makes it easier for IT teams to keep track of all dependencies and what's happening on their systems, much like having an accurate roadmap for a large city.

Automatic mapping of all connections

Discovered services running on the Logical Partition (LPAR) and external dependencies, ServicePilot APM maps these out along with advanced analytics. For instance, it can detect Mainframe dependencies with Cloud or Mobile App resources to improve global mainframe and application operations.
This provides a holistic view of the Mainframe's performance within the broader IT environment. It provides great visibility and easy understanding of how massive and complex hybrid environments are connected.

Consequently, IT teams can swiftly pinpoint and address issues affecting performance. Efficiency is a necessity to manage complex applications chains that rely on IBM z/OS Mainframes services and resources.

Install in minutes with 0 configuration

ServicePilot's IBM Mainframe monitoring discovery solution is a true game changer when it comes to operational efficiency. With 0 instrumentation and 0 configuration required, the solution can be up and running in just minutes.

Simply install the ServicePilot Agent on your host(s) and let the solution do the rest.

Contrasting other solutions that necessitate lengthy manual configuration, ServicePilot's discovery feature effortlessly detects all internal and external z/OS Mainframe dependencies. It offers detailed visbility over mainframe applications performances without spending endless days setting up and adjusting your monitoring solution.

Other key features for mainframe monitoring

Those are only 3 features making ServicePilot IBM Z Mainframe solution an APM game changer. There are more features than automatic dependency discovery, automatic mapping and quick installation:

  • MPP architecture to handle the analysis of billions of indicators
  • AI assisted analytics and alerting to optimize team productivity with ML monitoring
  • Personalizing graphical displays for dashboards and automatic PDF reporting
  • And more to make mainframe application performance management an easier task than ever

Benefits Of ServicePilot for IBM mainframe APM

Integrating NBA for z/OS Agents with the ServicePilot interface offers numerous advantages to enterprises. These benefits include better visibility, reducing costs, anticipating problems, MTTR optimization and enhancing IBM z/OS application chains performances:

Several global financial services and major insurance firms, relying on IBM mainframes, use ServicePilot Application Performance Management solution. It ensures smooth mainframe application, system and network operations with modern and automatic observability features.

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