Automatic Observability for IBM z/OS Mainframes

<span class='blue'>Automatic Observability</span> for IBM z/OS Mainframes

3 APM features for z/OS Mainframe monitoring

The IBM z/OS Mainframe, an integral component of various organizations' IT infrastructure for decades, has had to adapt and evolve with emerging technology trends.

For example, a large bank might rely on these systems for complex tasks like real-time transaction processing or batch processing for end-of-day reports. But they might also use mainframe application data for its mobile application or another application relying on a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

With the shifting demands placed on these systems, the ServicePilot APM for z/OS Mainframe Solution steps in to assist IT teams in managing these complex hybrid systems.

ServicePilot Mainframe monitoring is a revolutionary Application Performance Management (APM) solution, transforming the approach to IBM z/OS performance management. Here, we highlight 3 key features of NBA for z/OS technology integrated seamlessly with ServicePilot's software.

1.Clear understanding: Automatic discovery of dependencies

Managing a large IBM z/OS Mainframe environment poses a significant challenge. Tracking all dependencies, Tasks, JobNames, and active processes across multiple zSystems can be quite daunting. ServicePilot simplifies those tasks with an easy discovery and continuous monitoring of LPARs connections.

For instance, it can identify all active processes on the mainframes, including dependencies between several mainframes or external resources like a pool of Windows or Linux servers Front. This makes it easier for IT teams to keep track of all dependencies and what's happening on their systems.

Automatic maps provide a clear and holistic view of LPARs performances. It provides great visibility and easy understanding of how IBM z/OS mainframes and other applications are connected.

Automatic discovery of LPAR dependencies

2.Fast Incident Resolution: Easy Identification and RCA

The second major feature is the speed and accuracy with which ServicePilot helps resolves incidents on IBM z/OS mainframes. Through its intuitive interface, ServicePilot pinpoints the exact location of problems, vastly reducing the time and resources typically spent on troubleshooting.

The APM solution offers real-time/historical analysis of mainframe application dependencies, allowing IT teams to quickly understand the root cause of performance issues. Whether it's a spike in transaction time or an unusual load on a specific LPAR, ServicePilot's precise diagnostics facilitate rapid response, ensuring minimal disruption to operations across your tech stack (CICS, IMS, DB2, MQSeries…).

This capability is particularly beneficial in environments where even a slight delay can lead to significant business impacts.

Fast zOS Incident Resolution

3.Modern Analytics Platform: Unified Data Observability

ServicePilot offers a modern analytics platform that unifies Application Performance Management with comprehensive data observability. This feature integrates data from multiple sources, including mainframe metrics, transaction data, application KPIs or external resources into a singular, coherent analytics platform.

It offers advanced alerting capabilities with rules, predictive analytics, trend analysis, AI analytics and ML anomaly detection. It enables IT teams to not only manage but also anticipate issues before they escalate. In addition to the features already discussed, ServicePilot includes several other key functionalities to improve mainframe monitoring. These include : PDF reporting, custom widget and data analysis, tailor-made dashboards, integration of non-mainframe resources and much more.

The platform's advanced visualization tools make it easier for teams to analyze and interpret complex data sets, simplifying decision-making and strategizing for future enhancements.

Unified mainframe data Observability

zSystems Mainframe Observability with ServicePilot

In conclusion, ServicePilot's observability solution for IBM z/OS mainframes is a game-changer for organizations reliant on these systems. With features like automatic discovery of LPAR dependencies, fast incident resolution, a modern analytics platform, and a suite of other key monitoring capabilities, it represents a significant leap forward in the field of mainframe observability.

By embracing this comprehensive and innovative approach, organizations can not only ensure the smooth operation of their mainframe systems but also align them more closely with modern IT practices and business needs. ServicePilot's solution offers an essential bridge between the tried-and-tested robustness of IBM z/OS mainframes and the dynamic, data-driven demands of contemporary enterprise computing.

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