Monitoring Orange Service Centers

Monitoring <span class='blue'>Orange</span> Service Centers

Unified monitoring of Orange France service centers

Orange monitoring needs as part of the global EVITA program

Orange is an international leader in telecommunications and represents the former flagship brand of the France Telecom Group for mobile, fixed-line and Internet activities for individuals and businesses. Since the 2000s, the number of stores, entities and service centers managed by the Orange Group has continued to grow. This is why in 2010, the EVITA program was created and aims to standardize the worldwide call centers of the France Telecom group by making them evolve towards a common and centralized IP solution.

Orange Business Services global service centers

One of the challenges during a constant and rapid expansion is the need for operational information for decision support. The teams in charge of the Orange centers noticed that it was difficult to perform a central analysis, the software architecture of the monitoring was outdated, making integration with other information systems difficult and its maintenance was costly.

In order to centralize monitoring and increase the efficiency of its corporate customer experience in call center management, the EVITA program needed to

  • Collection of ICMP, SNMP, AXL, CDR, CMR, Syslogs and SQL queries
  • Real-time and visual monitoring of the infrastructure and partner centres
  • Visualization of current alerts and acknowledgement
  • Infrastructure performance statistics
  • Voice quality analysis for more than 6,000 simultaneous calls
  • PDF Report generation
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Automatic Morning check

The Orange group has chosen ServicePilot for the monitoring of its EVITA Unified Contact Center based on Cisco's UCCE and CUCM technology to replace the analytics carried out by Netcool. A secure architecture on 2 datacenters (1 VM per datacenter) has been implemented with several customized and dedicated interfaces to meet the operational needs of the IT department and the 10,000 agents:

Monitoring portals and mapping

  • Portal for monitoring technical elements and incidents in progress
  • Business portal with the display of relevant business indicators:
    • Total number of registered phones
    • Total number of connected agents
    • Total number of calls in queue
    • Total number of calls at CUBE level...
  • Mapping of internal data centers and partner service centers

Automatic monitoring reports in PDF format

  • PDF reports on the volume of calls handled per resource, the number of telephones and the evolution of the different key performance indicators.
  • Automatic and recurring reports (8am, 10am, 2pm, 4pm, 9.30pm) on the overall status of the platforms and incidents in progress
  • Monthly reports on platform capacity management (license, phones, agents, calls, ...)

Analysis and end-to-end monitoring

  • Analysis of the load distribution of the active-active elements (CUBE, CUSP, CVP, VVB)
  • Call quality analysis by internal site and by partner site
  • Analysis and selection of relevant indicators for all infrastructure elements
  • Status of processes and application services

Customizing the monitoring

  • Very simple service modeling and mapping
  • Addition of performance indicators in standard supervision packages according to specific modeling needs
  • Collection of the desired indicators on all the equipment of the production and pre-production platform
  • Customized interfaces and correlation of IT performance with business metrics
  • Customization of alerts according to the service provided

Results after implementing monitoring with ServicePilot

The teams in charge of the performance of Orange service centers around the world quickly saw the benefits and return on investment that a monitoring solution like ServicePilot could bring:

  • Reduced expenses and reduced number of software applications for monitoring
  • Real-time supervision, performance analysis and capacity management
  • Early and Proactive Incident Detection
  • Customization of interfaces and monitoring
  • Facilitated communication with managers and within IT teams

"The ever-increasing expectations of our customers who wish to contact us require a seamless availability of all communication channels. We installed ServicePilot in a matter of days and after several weeks of use, the software has become indispensable to operators in ensuring the performance of internal contact centers and anticipating incidents. "

F.M., Head of the Cisco Multimedia Expert team and Orange Tools Expertise Center

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