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Proactive Monitoring and Ensuring High Performance of Firewalls

Proactive Monitoring and Ensuring High Performance of FirewallsFirewalls, often referred to as the gatekeepers of a company's network, necessitate meticulous monitoring. ServicePilot equips you with the ability to gather key indicators through SNMP polling, coupled with log analysis to verify behavioural patterns and the implementation of the most recent security policy updates. We offer ready-to-use packages that automate data collection and analysis, assisting you in making informed decisions.

Let's consider a financial institution with highly sensitive data. They can utilize ServicePilot to constantly monitor their firewalls, identifying potential threats and ensuring the latest security policy updates are effectively implemented.

The key benefit of this feature lies in its proactive approach to network security. Through constant firewall performance monitoring, ServicePilot helps safeguard your network, enhancing security and ensuring business continuity.

    Detailed Analysis of IT Security Equipment and Services

    Detailed Analysis of IT Security Equipment and ServicesServicePilot provides continuous monitoring of various IT security devices that protect your data, applications, servers, or network equipment. This approach is crucial for preventing security incidents effectively. We offer extensive monitoring of the availability and performance of IT security devices like Proxies, Web or Messaging Gateways, IDS/IPS, VPN Access, DHCP, DNS, and more.

    For example, an e-commerce company could leverage ServicePilot to continuously monitor their various security devices. This would ensure their customers' sensitive data remain secure.

    The main advantage of this feature is that it enhances your IT security posture. By providing in-depth monitoring of various IT security devices, ServicePilot allows you to preemptively identify and address potential security issues, thereby ensuring optimal data protection.

      Extensive Monitoring of Other Security Services

      Extensive Monitoring of Other Security ServicesBeyond IT, companies also deploy security devices like automatic barriers, identification gates, badge readers, security cameras, and IoT devices for broader organizational and data protection. ServicePilot enables the creation and customization of packages to facilitate data collection and monitoring of these elements, even if the monitoring is basic.

      Let's say a large manufacturing plant has various physical security devices like badge readers and security cameras. ServicePilot can help monitor these devices to ensure they are functioning optimally, thereby maintaining the security of the plant.

      The benefit of this monitoring is it provides a more comprehensive view of your organization's security. With ServicePilot, you can ensure the optimal functioning of all your security devices, contributing to a more secure business environment.

        Correlating Security and Performance Data

        Correlating Security and Performance DataThe amalgamation of security and performance data is crucial for gaining comprehensive insights into your IT environment. ServicePilot captures performance KPIs from various sources, including SNMP, and analyzes logs to provide a holistic view of your IT operations. This correlation of data helps identify potential vulnerabilities rapidly, and track the impact of security incidents on your overall IT performance and services.

        Consider an online streaming service which requires high-performance servers to deliver a seamless experience to its users. ServicePilot, by correlating performance data with security logs, can provide the IT team with detailed insights about any security incidents that may be impacting server performance. This could include a DDoS attack overloading the servers, or a malware infection causing system instability.

        The primary benefit of this integrated approach is that it provides a full spectrum view of your IT environment, capturing the interdependencies between security and performance. This not only helps to identify and rectify potential issues swiftly, but also facilitates the optimization of IT services, thus enhancing end-user satisfaction and maintaining business continuity.


          We were looking for a powerful tool, covering all of our server and application monitoring. A tool that could scale with us and that was reasonably priced.

          Robust Security Monitoring with ServicePilot

          IT Security

          ServicePilot allows you to analyze all your log sources with the same monitoring solution, enabling you to identify and locate multiple threats.


          ServicePilot assists you in meeting legislative requirements, ensuring compliance and averting potential legal complications.

          Threat Mapping

          Through simple event log analysis, ServicePilot enables you to identify potential threats within your organization, promoting a secure and threat-free environment.

          Proactive Surveillance

          While you've reduced your communication costs, ServicePilot ensures you keep the door closed to potential intruders, maintaining a robust security posture.

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