Comprehensive Alcatel VoIP Monitoring

Optimizing Performance for OXE and Alcatel Infrastructures

In-Depth Analysis of Telephony Service Quality

In-Depth Analysis of Telephony Service QualityServicePilot takes VoIP performance monitoring to the next level by offering comprehensive visual representations of the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) based telephony service quality. These graphs not only provide instant insights into the service's performance but also enable a detailed analysis segmented by area and user.

Consider a multinational enterprise with various regional offices; ServicePilot’s MOS-based analysis could identify a particular location experiencing subpar call quality. This insight could help diagnose network issues specific to that region, perhaps due to underpowered infrastructure or poor ISP service.

The undeniable benefit of this comprehensive service quality analysis is the ability to spot trends and issues quickly, ensuring consistent and high-quality telephony service across your enterprise, thereby boosting productivity and communication efficiency.

    Insightful Resource Usage Assessment

    Insightful Resource Usage AssessmentServicePilot offers in-depth analysis into the resource usage of all IP Domains within an OXE infrastructure. It provides a thorough evaluation of the number of simultaneous communications (CAC), the number of concurrent conferences, and the utilization of signal conversion resources (DSP).

    Imagine a tech company that frequently conducts team meetings via VoIP. Using ServicePilot, they can assess how well their current OXE infrastructure supports this growth by monitoring the number of simultaneous conferences and DSP utilization.

    Understanding your resource usage offers immense value, from helping to right-size your infrastructure to identifying potential bottlenecks before they affect communication quality. This, in turn, leads to more effective decision-making and enhanced communication reliability.

      Robust Media Gateways Monitoring

      Robust Media Gateways MonitoringServicePilot brings ease to network monitoring with its ability to automatically discover all the IP Media Gateways (IPMGs) present on an OXE. It provides operators with real-time information on the status of the IPMGs and the communication channels' usage rate.

      Consider an example where a VoIP service provider needs to ensure consistent quality service across all their customers. ServicePilot's automatic IPMG discovery and monitoring would provide an instant status update of all communication channels, enabling swift issue resolution.

      The advantage of media gateway monitoring is the immediate visibility into potential chokepoints and performance issues, which facilitates quicker resolution times, minimizes downtime, and ensures optimal communication channels' performance.

        Predictive Trunk Capacity Planning

        Predictive Trunk Capacity PlanningServicePilot simplifies IT operations management by offering historical performance, trend analysis, and capacity planning reports. These features facilitate informed decision-making on the sizing of the trunk group.

        For instance, a call center might notice a pattern of increased call volumes during specific seasons. Using ServicePilot's trend analysis and capacity planning, they could efficiently scale their trunk group's size to handle the surge in calls without compromising call quality.

        The real value in this feature lies in its predictive capabilities, enabling proactive IT management that anticipates needs, rather than merely reacting to them. The result is more efficient resource utilization and improved service quality.


          For a company like ours, telephone and email are crucial. We absolutely need to avoid any service interruption.

          Detailed Analysis of Alcatel-Lucent Infrastructure with ServicePilot

          Telephony Voice Quality Monitoring

          ServicePilot offers advanced VoIP performance metrics such as MOS, jitter, latency, and lost packets for each conversation and user per zone, including most degraded hops.

          OXE Infrastructure Monitoring

          ServicePilot provides end-to-end monitoring for your complete OXE architecture, including Appliance Servers, Ecosystem Servers, Trunks, Media Gateways, and more.

          SBC and SIP Trunk Monitoring

          ServicePilot offers real-time monitoring of your SIP trunk load and capacity planning for more efficient resource allocation and optimization.

          Alcatel Resource Inventory

          ServicePilot provides a detailed inventory of your Alcatel resources, including phones, firmware, and licenses, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your available resources.

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