Multi-vendor VoIP Monitoring

The multi-vendor environment solution

Service Analysis

Call activity and quality analysis helps to understand the service delivered to end-users. A set of filters helps to process this information and present it in different formats (Web, Alerts, PDF).

Service Analysis

SBC Monitoring

As an important part of unified communications, SBCs are used to interconnect the different company SIP channels and those to operators. Monitoring the performance of these devices is essential.

SBC Monitoring

Capacity Analysis

In addition, it is important to analyze the performance and capacity of simultaneous sessions, in particular those that are rejected. Various indicators are collected.

Capacity Analysis

Troubleshoot Skype for Business Incidents Faster


We wanted our monitoring tool to be scalable, able to handle our VoIP deployments and adaptable to our different technologies. We’re also very cost-aware, and wanted to avoid piracy.

Multi-vendor infrastructure Analysis with ServicePilot


MOS, OmniPCX, IP Domains, Trunk Groups and Couplers, Media Gateway


Aastra 5000, MOS, ServerH.323 and SIP Trunks Ecosystem, xSeries Gateways


Sonus SBCs 1000, Sonus VX Series


AudioCodes Mediant SBCs, AudioCodes Gateways

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