Oracle SBC-EBC Monitoring

From call performance to SBC-EBC performance

Detect fraudulent use of your infrastructure

Reduce risks and costs by detecting fraudulent calls and prohibited destinations. A set of filters allows this information to be processed and presented with different media (Web, Alerts, PDF).

Detect fraudulent use of your infrastructure

Gain visibility of your SIP operators

Analyze the performance and capacity of domains, routes and simultaneous sessions in order to detect which ones are rejected and to keep an eye on your operators.

Gain visibility of your SIP operators

Obtain an overview map

Integrate your SBCs in to the map of your VoIP infrastructure in order to visualize interdependencies between different devices and complete dashboards to manage capabilities and make the right decisions.

Obtain an overview map

Troubleshoot Skype for Business Incidents Faster


If you think about the cost of an incident or a lost day for our salespeople, the investment in a monitoring tool is very rapidly justified.

SBC Oracle infrastructure Analysis with ServicePilot


Quality analysis (MOS, jitter, latency…) for each user and per zone


Performance indicators: system, routes, domains, network interface statistics


Real time monitoring of the SIP trunk load and capacity planning


End-to-end incident diagnosis including LAN and WAN infrastructure

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