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All-in-One intelligent observability solution

There are many tools on the market and it is difficult to choose without trying them. Some use old "overly complex" technologies based on Nagios, others are very expensive (APM) or difficult to integrate (SIEM).

ServicePilot is a high-performance, secure compromise that is fully operational in days, not months.

Communication & Collaboration
Office 365, SBC, Contact Centers, Cisco, Alcatel, Avaya, …
APM, Servers & Databases
Check, Application traces, Docker, Cloud, Databases
Digital Experience Monitoring
RUM, Endpoint Agent, Scenarios
Network Monitoring
Network equipments, syslog, Netflow
Security equipment, Logs, PC compliance and vulnerability, public IP traces, HTTP-SMTP-DNS application traces, URL traces

ServicePilot offers enhanced security

  • Proprietary software license. Open Source poses risks to the company's security
  • Installable OnPremise (or usable in secure SaaS)
  • Compilation/obfuscation of executables in an isolated LAN by 3 authorized persons
  • Control of the binaries' integrity signed by EV certificate (Extended Validation)
  • Architecture without opening network ports with intelligent agents without scripting
  • Secure communications with the software in TLS 1.2 with safe Ciphers
  • Regular Pentest campaigns with 5 different software
  • Optional storage on server without OS installed (ISO bootable) and without network gateway
  • Optional proxy for single exit point
  • Optional ready-to-use private cloud


ServicePilot is installed quickly

  • No complex prerequisites
  • Zeroconf mode for servers
  • Bulk provisioning via API
  • Graphical architecture editor
  • Preconfigured packages with collectors, dashboard, KPIs, thresholds
  • High-performance collectors optimized for very large installations

Ready in 5 minutes

ServicePilot offers very advanced features

  • Machine Learning
  • Smart alerts
  • Webhook and API
  • Modern and intuitive interface
  • Mapping
  • Rapid incident detection
  • Diagnostic help (metrics, events, trace)
  • Capacity Planning
  • Search engine
  • Customized widgets
  • Preconfigured dashboards and PDF reports
  • KPI for management

Modern UI

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