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Managing the user experience of employees and web applications

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Manage all your desktops

The performance of the workstations is essential to enable the company's employees to work properly. Remote working and the intensive use of SaaS applications make endpoint monitoring even more critical to ensure an optimal user experience. ServicePilot automatically discovers, monitors and analyzes your entire Windows computer park.

Real measurement of user experience

The time it takes to load and display a web page is a key criterion for the success of any web application. ServicePilot collects all the metrics needed to diagnose a slow page in order to improve the user experience of your websites and web applications: response time, browser used, IP, geolocation...

Using a NoSQL database: providing the power and flexibility of a Big Data solution.


With the digital transformation, the volume of data is increasing and their analysis is VITAL for the company.

Automatic Endpoint Monitoring

Automatic Discovery and Monitoring for all workstations and computer equipment

SaaS application troubleshooting

If a collaborator gets a bad response time on his desktop, the agent can start an automated diagnosis

Real User Monitoring

Monitor your sites and web applications by monitoring the loading time of your pages for all users

The power of an all-in-one solution

Correlate the different digital experience performance indicators to more quickly identify the cause of incidents.

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