Monitoring solution for NOC & MSP

To help you deliver exceptional IT service

Reduce the NOC's workload

ServicePilot is a comprehensive and accurate software with Machine Learning algorithms to automatically detect abnormal availability or performance service levels. The interfaces help diagnose the causes of your degradations much faster with Root Cause Analysis (RCA). The number of alerts is divided by 5 thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) which allows to focus on the most urgent incidents to reduce the workload of operators.

Expand your service offering: VoIP, APM, NPM and SIEM

Enable your customers to extend performance visibility to other areas for easier correlation and faster incident resolution. In a single software package, you can extend monitoring (VoIP, APM, NPM, SIEM, IoT, business metrics...) and offer innovative new services: application observability and auto-discovery, APM Log and Infrastructure correlations, capacity management, guidance to customers, mappings, automated reporting, steering cockpits and more.

Secure and scalable architecture

ServicePilot's multi-tenant architecture is particularly well suited to MSPs and the positioning of proxies (server or Raspberry Pi) facilitates the deployment of new clients in complete security. Each client therefore has access to a secure, personalised web interface in a platform that can be upgraded as required.

Interface with third-party tools

Benefit from an easy-to-implement modern monitoring platform to quickly respond to the new challenges of 24/7 remote monitoring. Whether for servers and applications or network infrastructures, ServicePilot deploys automatically or semi-automatically to quickly integrate the various technologies to be monitored and interfaces easily with the various solutions on the market: ticket and incident management (ServiceNow, ZenDesk...), development tools (Jira Software,...), Event Management (Slack, Teams...), hypersion of monitoring tools (Nagios, Dynatrace...) and more.

Some references of NOCs and MSPs who use ServicePilot daily

ServicePilot NOC MSP