How to monitor AKCP-SENSOR?

ServicePilot misc-akcp-sensor

What is AKCP Sensor?

AKCP is an American provider of SNMP-based networking embedded device technology.

AKCP enviromental monitoring devices provide a SNMP interface to measure external sensors.

AKCP Sensor monitoring

This package is built to monitor AKCP enviromental monitoring device using SNMP counters.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Manager to collect statistics from the AKCP device with SNMP.

Data is collected from AKCP enviromental monitoring devices and rebadged devices using the HHMSAGENT-MIB MIB like the ScanGaule ScanWay EP2 T and EP2 TRH.

The monitoring statistics gathered in this way include:

  • AKCP Sensor Discovery (Unused, hhmsAgentLocation...)
  • AKCP Sensor Temperature (Temperature, hhmsSensorArrayTempStatus...)