IT monitoring
with the RED-OBJECT-COUNT package

ServicePilot misc-red-object-count

Whats is a ServicePilot red object count?

The ServicePilot red object count package counts the number of ServicePilot objects that are unavailable.

ServicePilot object query counts

For alerting purposes it may be useful to count the number of objects that are unavailable under a part of the ServicePilot monitoring hierarchy. The count will include all unavailable objects under the view selected by the view filter and that are based on classes specified by the object class filter. This count will happen every minute and be presented as a numerical indicator that can then have a custom threshold applied and alert based on this number.

Warning: Do not place this resource under the same view that it is counting with a class filter that would include itself. The unavailable object count would count itself and so never get back to 0.

Note: For performance reasons, specify a view in the hierarchy as close to the objects that need to be counted to limit the number of object statuses that need to be checked.