Skype for Business monitoring

From call performance to role performance

Check user adherence to new solutions

Make sure that all applications in the collaboration environment meet the business needs. Poor quality VoIP and video can quickly discourage employees from joining a new unified communication solution. Analyze users' behavior with their new collaboration solution.

Check user adherence to new solutions

Simple configuration and administration

Collect Skype role data and monitor their performance levels using KHIs (Key Health Indicators) recommended by Microsoft to configure and administer for proactively.

Simple configuration and administration

Make the right decisions

Measured performance and service level statistics can be accessed from either web dashboards or customizable PDF reports, allowing you to maintain the unified communications infrastructure in optimal conditions.

Make the right decisions

Troubleshoot Skype for Business Incidents Faster


ServicePilot gives us the ability to analyze the usage of all our equipment. We made substantial savings and the ROI on the tool was clear for all to see.

Skype for Business infrastructure Analysis with ServicePilot


Volume and quality CDR collection (duration, MOS, jitter, latency…) for each conversation and conference.


Microsoft Skype for Business (Front-End, Back-End, Edge, Mediation, SQL, …)


Performance analysis through the key indicators KHI recommended by Microsoft


Real time monitoring of the SIP trunk load and capacity planning.

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