Server monitoring
How to monitor IPMI-SENSOR?

ServicePilot server-ipmi-sensor

What is an IPMI sensor?

IPMI, acronym for Intelligent Platform Management Interface, is a standardized interface and protocol for server and system hardware management. It operated independently from the operating system.

Thus IPMI functions can work in any of three scenarios:

  • before an OS has booted
  • when the system is powered down
  • after OS or system failure

IPMI messaging can be used in a sensor to receive system hardware status or to achieve recovery procedures.

IPMI Sensor monitoring

This package monitors an IPMI sensor.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent in order to monitor availability and performance of IPMI.

The statistics gathered in this way include status for bare metal metrics of an ipmi device node such as temperature, voltage, fan, power supply...