Application trace monitoring
How to monitor QUERY?

ServicePilot apptrace-query

What is AppTrace Query?

This package monitors web services that have been instrumented to provide custom application performance statistics and instrumentation to ServicePilot. Statistics can be presented either for the service or links between services.

Using this package you can build up a map of interacting web services displaying information in dashboards and reports.

AppTrace Query monitoring

ServicePilot can be sent web service performance statistics that are stored by the trace-apptrace package and these statistics can then be used by the query package.

ServicePilot keeps track of each web service request and summarizes this information by providing the following statistics per service and link between services:

  • Average web service request response time
  • Number of web service requests
  • Number of web service request errors

Using this package multiple times, you may build a map of web services that interact to provide you web application. This configuration can help you by:

  • Overview of application se
  • Tracing and visualizing the details of application performance
  • Set alert thresholds per service or service link
  • ServicePilot eliminates the traditional separation between infrastructure and application performance monitoring. By adding both application and infrastructure resources, you can see the relationship between application code and the underlying infrastructure.
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