Application trace monitoring

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What is a Dynatrace service?

A service is a server-side code executed within a process group. Web and mobile applications are built upon services that process requests like web requests, web service calls, and messaging. For example, the web requests that are sent to a specific Tomcat server are an example of a server-side service. Such services can take the form of web services, web containers, database requests, custom services, and more. Services may in turn call other services such as web services, remote services, and databases services.

Processes are essentially containers that host services. When you look at processes you are looking at topology information, whereas services can provide code-level insights. For example, you might have a Tomcat process that hosts a web application in the form of a server-side service. While processes are host-centric, associated with a single machine in your environment, services are request-centric and therefore typically span across multiple machines in a data center.

Dynatrace service monitoring

This package integrates service statistics monitored by Dynatrace requesting Dynatrace's API.

This gathers per Dynatrace-service service statistics including:

  • Response time
  • Error rate
  • Request count
  • ...