Application trace monitoring

ServicePilot apptrace-dynatrace-service

How to integrate services managed by Dynatrace?

Dynatrace is a popular APM monitoring software package that collects data using the Dynatrace agent to help troubleshoot problems in microservice application architectures.

While the Dynatrace user interface is excellent and offers interesting analysis features, the integration into ServicePilot of the Dynatrace service package allows for true correlation of services with the underlying infrastructure (storage, networks, ...) as well as both automatic and customizable mapping/topologies. The use of the ServicePilot interface in hypervisor mode also offers numerous data analyses with dashboards, flexible custom queries, PDF reports, simple and complex alerts...

Monitoring of services managed by Dynatrace

This package integrates service statistics monitored by Dynatrace requesting Dynatrace's API.

This gathers per Dynatrace-service service statistics including:

  • Response time
  • Error rate
  • Request count
  • ...