Application trace analysis
with the APPHOST package

ServicePilot apptrace-apphost

What is AppTrace Apphost monitoring?

ServicePilot's APM and distributed tracing enables detailed collection and analysis of application performance through out-of-the-box dashboards that monitor requests, errors and latency of web services and databases.

For both monolithic application and microservices architectures, implementing ServicePilot APM across your servers or containers takes only minutes to automatically retrieve APM data (via automatic instrumentation, dd-trace-api, OpenTracing or OpenTelemetry).

The Apptrace Apphost package allows you to automatically aggregate the traces of instrumented applications by host, regardless of the programming language used or the OS chosen (Windows or Linux).

AppTrace Apphost monitoring

This package monitors HTTP(S) web requests from applications per host. Windows and Linux ServicePilot agents automatically retrieve performance data from instrumented applications.

This gathers summarized statistics (min,max,avg...) per host such as:

  • Requests per minute
  • Sum of requests by HTTP return codes and methods
  • Number of requests in each response time range
  • Established vs. Timed-out requests

To provide detailed information, the details collected per application and per request with the apptrace-appservice-nodejs packages, apptrace-appservice-dotnet packages, apptrace-appservice-java packages or apptrace-appservice-generic packages are :

  • Host and web page path
  • Server and client IP
  • Real User Response time
  • HTTP Return code and method
  • Client country and geolocation for public IPs
Application trace analysis APPHOST 0

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