IT monitoring
with the SEARCH package

ServicePilot misc-search

What is a ServicePilot Search?

This package extracts ServicePilot Database data.

With this object search integration, you can send the result of saved searches and queries (e.g. count of errors) on a pre-defined interval to ServicePilot so that you can graph the trend.

In the case of log aggregation and management, it allows to create optimized alerts and high level analysis on application events as well as platform logs with graphed event trends and ServicePilot Objects and its statistical operations.

ServicePilot Search monitoring

This package is designed to query the ServicePilot databases and extract up to 5 numerical indicators every minute.

All of the ServicePilot data for the last month is available over which various statistical operations can be applied to produce numerical results.

These results are then presented as indicators of an instance of the misc-search package object.

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