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Analyze the web transactions of your applications

By observing and analyzing each transaction, ServicePilot can help you identify problems and prioritize patches that will help ensure high availability and performance of your applications. Summary dashboards show the volume and response time of transactions by priotitized lists of Clients, Hostnames, visited pages to bring you an overview of the utilization of your web applications.

Analyze the web transactions of your applications

Use a Raspberry PI as an applicative traffic probe

The ServicePilot agent can be used to collect HTTP transactions directly on your Windows or Linux application server but also on a Rapsberry PI. You can then use this box as a network probe by connecting it directly to a mirror port of your network equipment. It will analyze all HTTP transactions. This collection agent also allows you to analyze the performance of your server.

Use a Raspberry PI as an applicative traffic probe

Understand and accelerate slow applications

Capturing and analyzing IP packets on your application server's network interface will allow you to understand local or remote traffic per user and measure the response time of each transaction. This allows classifying transactions by response time, identifying those that slow down the application and understanding which people are most affected by delays. You can verify that the response time objectives are met in the desired geographic locations.

Understand and accelerate slow applications

Quickly isolate errors and exceptions

The ServicePilot agent collects HTTP transactions from your applications. You can identify a large number of transactions with response times greater than normal and timeouts. A simple click will allow you to get distribution of HTTP codes for established transactions and understand the problems. The analysis of historical graphs and the search engine facilitate the analysis of recurring problems.

Quickly isolate errors and exceptions

The users of our applications and our web providers give us feedback on the performance but we want to be able to get our own idea, with objective indicators.

ServicePilot Transaction analysis


HTTP transaction collection via a software probe on Windows, Linux or a Raspberry PI


Traffic analysis including transaction volume, response time, customer top 10, hostnames and visited pages

Local or remote

Web application availability and performance analysis hosted in public or private clouds


Performance optimization to help prioritize issue resolution and respect the SLA

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