Inventory Management for Servers, Applications, and Workstations

Automating Audit, Inventory, and Activity Tracking across Your IT Infrastructure

Automatic Discovery and Inventory of Your IT Assets

Automatic Discovery and Inventory of Your IT AssetsUtilize ServicePilot's cloud-based solution that requires no additional equipment, boasting a lightweight, zero-configuration agent that auto-configures across all servers and workstations. Automate the inventory process of servers, applications, and workstations to streamline IT asset management.

Imagine a rapidly growing company with a sprawling IT infrastructure. ServicePilot allows the company to keep track of all their equipment, including servers, applications, and workstations, without any manual intervention, ensuring all assets are accounted for and managed efficiently.

The primary benefit of this feature is the ability to maintain an accurate, up-to-date inventory of your IT assets. Automated discovery and inventory management save you time and resources while eliminating the risk of manual errors.

    Efficient Collection and Analysis of Resource Activity

    Efficient Collection and Analysis of Resource ActivityServicePilot facilitates comprehensive monitoring of server and application inventories, capturing detailed activity metrics ranging from 15 minutes to over a year. The platform supports system availability, performance tracking, and can handle several thousand devices simultaneously.

    Consider a large tech firm that utilizes multiple applications and servers across various locations. With ServicePilot, the firm can monitor the performance and availability of each server and application, enabling them to quickly identify and rectify any potential issues.

    The advantage of using this feature is the ability to proactively manage your IT resources. By closely monitoring their performance and availability, you can minimize downtime and ensure smooth, uninterrupted operation of your business processes.

      Advantages of Server Inventory Management

      Advantages of Server Inventory ManagementServicePilot helps you understand the usage and performance of your servers, enabling efficient resource allocation. You can group servers together, reduce the number of active servers, and achieve cost savings on licenses and energy consumption.

      For instance, an e-commerce business during a peak sale season can ensure optimal server performance and availability. By grouping similar servers, they can improve load balancing and maintain website performance even under heavy traffic.

      The key benefit is optimizing the use of server resources, thereby saving costs and enhancing system performance. By reducing server count and grouping servers, you reduce energy consumption and save on licensing fees, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

        Advantages of Application Inventory Management

        Advantages of Application Inventory ManagementServicePilot allows for automatic application inventory management, hosting management on servers, and detection of resource-heavy applications. Monitor real application activity, performance, and save costs on cloud storage and energy consumption.

        An IT services company, for example, can use ServicePilot to monitor the performance of their client applications. If an application is consuming excessive resources, ServicePilot alerts the IT team, allowing them to take immediate corrective action.

        The benefit of this feature is the ability to manage applications more efficiently. Automatic inventory and real-time monitoring of application activity and performance lead to better resource utilization and significant cost savings.

          Advantages of Desktop Inventory Management

          Advantages of Desktop Inventory ManagementServicePilot enables automatic desktop inventory, real-time workstation activity monitoring, and computer performance tracking. It can also initiate automatic power-off after a set period of inactivity, leading to lower energy consumption and savings on Windows licenses.

          Consider a corporation with thousands of desktop computers. ServicePilot's automatic inventory and power management can significantly reduce energy consumption, helping the corporation both save money and reduce its environmental impact.

          The advantage of this feature lies in improved workstation management. By automating inventory and implementing energy-saving measures, ServicePilot helps you reduce operational costs and enhance your organization's sustainability.

            Regularly Automated PDF Audit Reports

            Regularly Automated PDF Audit ReportsServicePilot facilitates the generation of automated audit reports, providing detailed insights into server network activity, performance, consumption histograms, and lists of communicating applications. Get complete details of each server and workstation, including installed software and usage duration.

            For example, a business can use these automated reports for audits or to understand the utilization of their IT resources. This helps them plan upgrades, decommissions, and other IT decisions more effectively.

            The primary benefit of this feature is the ability to maintain a clear, comprehensive record of your IT resource usage. Automated reports save you time and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.


              I wanted to change the monitoring logic and tool to better understand the correlations between the applications and the infrastructure.

              Inventory and Activity Management for Servers, Applications, and Workstations

              Automatic Discovery

              ServicePilot facilitates automatic discovery and inventory of applications, servers, and workstations, with the information recognized and updated by the system.

              Interactive Visualizations

              Our platform provides a comprehensive synthesis of all servers, presenting data through tops of availability, performance, alerts, and error indicators.

              Proactive Monitoring

              Gain access to KPIs affected by a performance problem with a single click before impacting the delivered service. ServicePilot applies machine learning algorithms to assist in decision-making.

              Capacity Planning

              Analyze usage trends to ensure capacity adapts to business needs. Utilize projections and trend analyses to anticipate future needs effectively.

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