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Automatic mapping and real-time monitoring lists

The server monitoring agent automatically configures the monitoring of your various Linux distributions to ensure system availability. Automatic real-time maps are created, dashboards and tables are automatically filled in, and easy access to synthetic graphs gives you a unified view of the status of all Linux servers to identify the components of each server on which performance alerts have been issued.

Automatic mapping and real-time monitoring lists

Historical analysis of Linux server performance

As soon as we receive an alert, the alert alerts us to the system indicator in error but we can also analyze this data in the dashboards after detecting a performance problem. All key performance indicators for each server component are accessible from dashboards to easily correlate monitoring graphs over time. It is very easy to create customized monitoring thresholds based on the behaviors of different Linux systems with monitoring rules.

Historical analysis of Linux server performance

Automated and detailed zooms on key indicators

Automatically populated dashboards and lists give you the visibility you need and the level of detail to understand anomalies and performance drops. All you have to do is one click to view the details of the metrics on each of your disks, partitions, network interfaces and system performance of your machine. This way you can monitor the effectiveness of your file policy or closely follow the performance of your server after having deployed your configuration changes.

Automated and detailed zooms on key indicators

Correlation of application performance, logs and server

You can build a dashboard or custom map to keep a constant eye on the critical indicators of your operating environment. This makes it easy to create a unified view of the response times of applications, host, network, underlying system resources supporting the application service as well as syslogs generated by the Linux server. Relationships, links and mismatches are more easily understood and help to speed up the identification of the root cause of performance incidents.

Correlation of application performance, logs and server

Server and virtualization monitoring


At the same time as virtualizing our servers, we decided to overhaul our monitoring system. ServicePilot really allowed us to improve our response time and become more proactive.

Linux servers monitoring software

Local or remote monitoring agent

Depending on your administration choices, you will be able to decide whether or not to install agents on your servers to automate SSH monitoring and/or monitor processes with SNMP.

Extended product features

The agent provides you with flow security, discovery automation, centralized updates and multiple features of a monitoring tool to help you with your operational surveillance tasks.

Efficient Linux systems monitoring

Easy understanding of performance issues in just a few clicks before the service delivered is impacted by maps, event trays, PDF reports and more.

Trend analysis and projections

Anticipating saturation ensures that capacity adapts to the needs of your business. Use automatic Machine Learning and projections to predict capacity and future trends.

Other monitoring solutions for servers and virtualization

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