Linux Server Monitoring

The engine of your applications

Instantly get a map of your servers

Our synthetic graphics give you a unified view of the status of all your servers in a single dashboard.

Instantly get a map of your servers

Find the degraded indicators

Once you have detected a performance problem, one click is all it takes to see the server KPIs

Find the degraded indicators

Zoom to access the details

Automatically populated dashboards provide the visibility you need and the level of detail to understand anomalies and performance issues. You just have to click to view the details.

Zoom to access the details

Correlate applications with infrastructure

You will instantly see how an application’s response time is linked to the server it’s hosted on. You will be first to identify when the server performance starts affecting end users.

Correlate applications with infrastructure

Server and virtualization monitoring


At the same time as virtualizing our servers, we decided to overhaul our monitoring system. ServicePilot really allowed us to improve our response time and become more proactive.

ServicePilot Linux Server Monitoring

With or without agent

You will be able to decide to install agents or not depending on your administrative choices.

Why an agent

An agent brings flexibility, network flow security, automatic discovery and updates.


Quick performance problem comprehension with just a few clicks before any impact on service delivery

Trend analysis

Anticipating saturation ensures that the capacity adapts to the needs of your business

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