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Surveillance of Windows systems with WMI or SNMP

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Monitoring the status of all your Windows Servers

From a single dashboard, you can easily monitor the availability and performance status of your Microsoft Windows servers in real time. This allows you to quickly identify the status of your Windows Servers and then use the monitoring dashboard calendar to access analysis histories by tops and understand how problems are evolving. Histograms summarize the alerts issued by the monitoring rules predefined by the standard monitoring packages. The thresholds on key performance indicators are easily adjustable with monitoring rules to adjust system monitoring to the conditions of your IT environment.

Monitoring the status of all your Windows Servers

Fast server performance incident localization

As soon as a performance problem on a monitored server has been detected, you are alerted and can perform a drill-down to display only the relevant key indicators for that server. Synthetic graphs allow you to view details of key performance measures on every aspect of your machine (Disks, Network Card, System...) in real time and in a historical way thanks to the calendar. The graphs are zoomable and automatically adjust the calendar and visualizations to the desired period. Using the WMI monitoring agent for an agent allows you to quickly discover all the components of your Microsoft Windows servers and offers more automation in managing the performance of your systems.

Fast server performance incident localization

Easy drill down to monitored system components

From the same monitoring dashboard of a specific Windows Server, you can see which processes consume the most CPU and/or memory. If you use the WMI server monitoring agent for your Microsoft system, processes are automatically detected, without any configuration, with top process analyses per CPU and per memory consumed. The tops of the application flows per server are also automatic, which allows a constant and historical inventory of applications and services impacting the system. The monitoring software also allows you to supervise your Windows servers in SNMP and monitor your processes and services one by one.

Easy drill down to monitored system components

Correlation of application, server and log management

Get end-to-end visibility by correlating response time, application activity and system performance of the server on which they are installed. You can quickly understand the root causes of incidents and better target the root cause of Windows Servers service degradations. In addition, the ServicePilot monitoring tool unifies the all-in-one view by unifying application monitoring, dependencies such as databases, IT security events and resource management of underlying machines. These dashboards and PDF reports allow you to view and really know the impacts of service degradation on the user experience of applications running Microsoft Windows Server.

Correlation of application, server and log management

Server and virtualization monitoring


I wanted to change the monitoring logic and tool to better understand the correlations between the applications and the infrastructure.

Microsoft Windows server monitoring software

Automatic discovery of servers and applications

Discovery of all resources by agents, automatically recognized by the manager who updates them. Automated inventory of applications and application statistics per server.

Interactive visualizations on network traffic

Synthesis of all servers and presentation by tops of availability, performance, alerts and errors indicators. Automatic mapping of application flows.

Proactive server monitoring and machine learning

Access to KPIs affected by a performance problem with a single click before impacting the service delivered. Automatic application of Machine Learning algorithms to assist in decision making.

Capacity Planning for your Windows systems

Analysis of usage trends to ensure that capacity adapts to business needs. Projections and trend analyses to anticipate needs in Windows Server cluster management.

Other solutions to monitor servers and virtualization

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