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What is Apache HTTP Server?

The Apache HTTP Server, often just called Apache is an open source web server distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.

It is widely used in enterprise environments and open source projects. Apache HTTP is a central component of the LAMP stack (and other XAMP stacks). It is the web server of choice in numerous Open Source projects and is the most commonly used for web application frameworks such as Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal...

Apache HTTP monitoring

This package monitors Apache HTTP by gathering metrics from Apache HTTP's Mod_status.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent in order to monitor availability and performance of Apache HTTP.

The statistics gathered in this way include:

  • Throughput and latency metrics
  • Resource utilization and activity metrics
  • Host-level resource metrics
  • Errors

Please note that the end-to-end Apache Web Server monitoring is easy to implement by combining the metrics from this Apache application monitoring package with W3C access logs in order to go beyond process workers, scoreboard, and other specific Apache Web Server specific metrics. Apache access logs allow to gain end user visibility, providing us with response times, errors, user agents and more.

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