Website monitoring

Access to your applications

Test your website continuously

Monitor your website and optimize web-page load times through HTTP(S) check. An availability test performs a GET request on the web page you specified. The test may also include POST data to search for a particular STRING in the HTML code.

Test your website continuously

Quickly check all your applications

A dashboard presents your Web applications, their availability and performance level, as well as current alerts and history. Relevant sorting allows you to quickly understand the worst applications and website connections and display time.

Quickly check all your applications

Access the detail you need

Different key indicators provide you with the information you need to diagnose the causes of bad connections and display times. The calendar allows you to identify periods of degradation. Generating these tests from different sites will help you to locate the network infrastructure affected by a slowdown.

Access the detail you need

Create scenarios

To understand the performance of a web application it is sometimes necessary to bounce from one URL to another. ServicePilot allows you to create your scenarios by defining the first URL with its different authentication parameters, then the second and so on, ...

Create scenarios

I wanted to change our monitoring tool and our approach, so we could better understand the correlation between "applications" and "infrastructure".

ServicePilot Website Monitoring

Active tests

Active tests and end-to-end response time collection of the Web, TCP, SQL, … applications

From anywhere

Application tests can be generated from different locations and shown in the same dashboard


An intuitive and quick overview of all applications with access to the details in just a few clicks

Services delivery guarantees

End-to-end modeling of services in views and support for SLA compliance

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