TCP application monitoring

The connectivity of your applications

Monitor your TCP applications

For your customers to be able to connect to application servers, software ports must be available to provide access to the operating system and applications. Access to applications is the first point to check for an end-to-end analysis of the application chain.

Monitor your TCP applications

Get a global view of your TCP applications

A dashboard shows your TCP applications, their availability and performance level, current and historical alerts. Graphs allow you to quickly understand the response time of applications.

Get a global view of your TCP applications

Analyze the indicators in detail

Different key indicators such as connection time, total time, retry and number of operations provide you with the information you need to diagnose the causes of bad response times. The calendar allows you to identify periods of degradation.

Analyze the indicators in detail

Adapt tests to your context

In addition to the basic settings, you can choose a protocol (FTP, HTTP, SMTP, TELNET) or customize it to adapt to your environment.

Adapt tests to your context

When 95% of your equipment meets market standards, a monitoring solution must be operational within minutes.

ServicePilot TCP application monitoring


The ServicePilot TCP Agent is easy to deploy, configure and quick to respond.

Application availability

Use End-to-end TCP application availability to understand internal business applications.


Understand application performance by adding personalized scripts according to your environment.

Improved proactivity

Identifiy and pinpoint the infrastructure zone which degrades the performance of your applications.

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