NRPE script integration

Re-use your scripts

Collect the results of your scripts with the Custom API

ServicePilot has an API that can be powered by Syslog reception. It is then possible to automatically create resources from existing scripts with different performance indicators and add this to your application chain in maps, to generate alerts and build contextual dashboards.

Collect the results of your scripts with the Custom API

Integrate NRPE script results

To complete monitoring with scripts that you have already developed, you can integrate the results of Nagios scripts in ServicePilot very quiclky. The RemotePlugin collector allows the operation and instrumentation of a Nagios integration.

Integrate NRPE script results

The re-use of Nagios scripts by ServicePilot has saved us considerable time in our deployment.

ServicePilot NRPE script integration


Easy to integrate and configure, a ServicePilot API allows communication with non-standardized equipment.


With simple syntax, script maintenance is reduced and productivity gains are guaranteed.


To complete server monitoring, use ServicePilot standard packages and then add your custom scripts.

Keep investment

Get more value out of your existing software assets and save time by re-using them with ServicePilot.

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