Storage monitoring
with the EMC-CLARIION package

ServicePilot storage-emc-clariion

What is EMC Clariion NAS storage?

EMC Clariion Storage is a storage appliance manufactured by EMC².

It is a well-known product line for network SAN disk array and shares the same X-blade architecture with another EMC² SAN product called Celerra NAS.

The VNX Series commercialization by EMC² aims to replace both Clariion and Celerra NAS product lines.

EMC² Clariion storage monitoring

This package is designed to monitor a EMC Clariion SAN using the ServicePilot Agent.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent to discover volumes and storage processors as well as collect statistics from the EMC Clariion SAN on which the ServicePilot Agent has been deployed.

The monitoring statistics gathered in this way include:

  • For each Volume discovered
    • Read IO
    • Write IO
    • Utilization
    • Response Time, etc.
  • For each Storage Processor discovered
    • Queue length
    • Utilization
    • Response Time
    • Dirty Pages, etc.

The ServicePilot Agent makes this collection by connecting to the SMI-S provider.

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