How to monitor COUCHDB databases

What is CouchDB Database?

Apache CouchDB is a NoSQL document oriented database distributed under the Open Source Apache license 2.0.

Designed for the Web and distribution across multiple servers, it uses various protocols for data transfer, storage and processing (HTTP, JSON and JavaScript / MapReduce).

CouchDB Database monitoring

ServicePilot monitors a CouchDB Database by gathering metrics per node from a CouchDB instance.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent in order to monitor availability and performance metrics from a CouchDB Database.

The monitoring statistics gathered in this way include:

  • HTTPD Request Methods metrics: GET, PUT, COPY, DELETE, POST...
  • HTTPD status codes metrics: 200, 201, 202, 301, 304...
  • HTTPD metrics: number of requests, number of clients resquesting changes, HTTPD temporary views read...
  • Database metrics: number of database reads and writes, document writes and inserts.

How to install a couchdb resource?

  1. Use your ServicePilot OnPremise installation or a SaaS account.
  2. Add a new couchdb resource via the web interface (/prmviews or /prmresources) or via API (/prmpackages page), the default ServicePilot agent or another agent will be provisioned automatically.

Details of the couchdb package are located in the /prmpackages page of the software.


ServicePilot enables you to deliver IT services faster and more securely with automated discovery and advanced monitoring features.

By correlating the technology COUCHDB with APM and infrastructure monitoring, ServicePilot is able to provide a more comprehensive view of an organization's IT environment.

This allows IT teams to quickly identify and diagnose issues that may be impacting application performance, and take corrective action before end-users are affected.

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How to monitor COUCHDB databases COUCHDB 0

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