Database monitoring
with the INFLUXDB package

ServicePilot database-influxdb

What is InfluxDB?

InfluxDB is a multi-platform database management system of type Time Series (time series oriented). InfluxDB is developed by the company InfluxData, in Go language, and published under the MIT open source license.

InfluxDB has no external dependencies and provides a SQL-type language, listening on the 8086 port, with integrated time-centred functions to query a data structure composed of measurements, series and points.

InfluxDB monitoring

This package monitors one or more instances of InfluxDB database by collecting performance metrics gathered by the ServicePilot Agent.

This package automatically configures the ServicePilot Agent to monitor the availability and performance of an InfluxDB database for one or more instances of InfluxDB.

Monitoring statistics collected and analysed include:

  • Memstats measures: Total Alloc, HeapLnUsed, HeapReleased, HeapIdle, HeapAlloc, MCacheSys, BuckHashSys
  • HTTPD measures: Req, ReqActive, QueryReq, QueryRespBytes, serverError, WriteReq...
  • Write measures: Req, WriteOk, WriteReq, WriteDrop...
  • Subscriber measures: createFailures, pointsWritten, writeFailures.
  • Database measures: numMeasurements, NumSeries.
Database monitoring INFLUXDB 0

Database monitoring INFLUXDB 1

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