Application trace monitoring
How to monitor ZIPKIN-LISTENER?

ServicePilot apptrace-zipkin-listener

What is AppTrace Zipkin Listener? is a distributed tracing system gathering timing data to help troubleshooting latency problems in custom application microservice architectures.

Logs are great to help us understand which request failed and how many times, but does give enough details regarding how much time did the failed request took. Zipkin's model is to manually attach unique identifiers to each request which are then passed through the different application service in order to collect this latency and precious timing data.

While the Zipkin UI is great and provides interesting instant analysis features, the ServicePilot Zipkin Listener integration allows long-term retention of summarized trace data much analytics insight into the data with dashboards, flexible custom queries, PDF reports, alerts, machine learning algorithms, maps and application dependency topology.

AppTrace Zipkin Listener monitoring

This package enables apptrace collection.

ServicePilot can be sent web service performance statistics that are stored by this apptrace-zipkin-listener package into a ServicePilot Apptrace data collection. These statistics can then be used to produce AppTrace statistics by querying this database using the apptrace-query package.

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