Azure Cloud Monitoring

Automated monitoring for dynamic and complex environments

App Services and Azure resources observability

ServicePilot automatically discovers and monitors your resources deployed in the Azure Cloud: App Services, containers, databases, VMs, Blobs and more than 20 other Azure services. Standard or custom, dashboards and mappings provide visibility into the activity and performance of Azure Cloud services.

App Services and Azure resources observability

Manage costs and migrations to Azure

With ServicePilot, monitoring Cloud and on-premise resources makes it easy to observe and understand their usage. This allows you to measure the effectiveness and impact of deployments, migrations or changes in infrastructure and services. Since Cloud resource costs are linked to usage, ServicePilot provides all the data needed to reduce costs and optimize the resources usage.

Manage costs and migrations to Azure

Detect incidents faster

Machine Learning algorithms automatically detect abnormal availability or performance service levels. ServicePilot helps diagnose the causes of your degradations much faster with fewer alerts and Root Cause Analysis to focus on the most urgent incidents and reduce operator workload.

Detect incidents faster

We had migrated a part of our applications in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, and we wanted to set up effective server/application monitoring. This helps us optimize the infrastructure.

Cloud Monitoring Software

Automatic discovery

Automatic discovery and monitoring of all your resources deployed on AWS or Azure

Anomalies and Trends

Trend analysis and anomalies identification by Machine Learning type analysis

End to end visibility

Total visibility into the activity and performance of applications and services delivered from the Cloud

Cloud Environments

Automatic monitoring of Cloud environments managed by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

Other monitoring solutions for the Cloud and Containerss

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